7 ways to a more simpler life

7 ways to a more simpler life

I am not an expert of simplicity but it is a goal of mine and I am willing to share the things that I know based on my experience. Also these are things that I am working on and haven’t completely mastered.  Learn to say no. saying no sometimes is such a difficult thing for me [...]


5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Well hello spring and hello to spring cleaning. I really like the idea of spring cleaning because spring normally means new beginnings and fresh starts. I think for most of us we do not know where to begin with the cleaning, so here I am with the plug. lol. Are we still saying that? All [...]

5 summer essentials for the minimalist

Summer 2017 is fast approaching so I thought I'd share my summer essentials with you. I usually see that people have so many items on their list but I just want to keep things simple and on an as needed basis. Here is my list: Deodorant- You should be using deodorant all year around but [...]