5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Well hello spring and hello to spring cleaning. I really like the idea of spring cleaning because spring normally means new beginnings and fresh starts. I think for most of us we do not know where to begin with the cleaning, so here I am with the plug. lol. Are we still saying that? All the same, for me, spring cleaning begins with cleaning out my closet. I think this is the toughest place to start so I hope you find this helpful.

  • Clothes that do not fit. I know people keep clothes that do not fit because it inspires them to lose weight or motivates them. If that is true for you and IF it works then I understand your need to keep those clothes around. But let’s be honest with ourselves, for most of us, those clothes will never fit. The shirt you had when you had the 15-year-old body will not fit on your 25-year-old body and that is okay. Your body is so different now. Embrace that!
  • Clothes that are damaged. Listen, I know you’ve been planning to patch those pants and fix that zipper, but that was 2 summers ago. Accept that it isn’t happening, you won’t fix it. Either give it away to someone who can fix and will wear it or if it is really damaged throw it away. You will never fix the pants with the huge hole at the crotch.
  • Clothes that you haven’t worn in a year. If you haven’t worn it in a year or so, you aren’t going to wear it. Get rid of it.
  • Clothes that don’t fit your style or make you feel good anymore. As we get older, we change and so does our style. There are certain clothes that don’t fit your style anymore and no longer makes you feel good. You should be wearing things that make you feel good and confident. Get rid of things that don’t.
  • Gifted clothes you don’t like. I used to be one of those people who kept clothing items that were gifted to me that I didn’t like out of obligations. But I now just pass it on to other people I know will appreciate it and wear it or simply donate it.

Where is your starting point when you begin spring cleaning?

5 summer essentials for the minimalist

IMG_3392 (2)Summer 2017 is fast approaching so I thought I’d share my summer essentials with you. I usually see that people have so many items on their list but I just want to keep things simple and on an as needed basis. Here is my list:

  1. Deodorant- You should be using deodorant all year around but summer time is the most important season to make sure you are using it. If you are like me, you sweat like crazy in the hotter seasons and when sweat settles, it smells. So, take my advice and  protect your reputation and other people’s noses. Just kidding.
  2. Sun glasses- Because it’s stylish and protects your eyes. Need I say more?
  3. Body Spray or Perfume- Going with the smelling nice theme. I use body sprays in the summer because it lighter and carries a freshness with it, so it can be used through out the day.
  4. Tumbler cups- Because you need to be hydrated. I love these cups because it protects the cold beverage for a longer period. It’s also nice to have your own cup you carry as you go about the day so you can get a refill of water anywhere.
  5. Make-up removers- This may not apply to everyone but I keep make-up removers around just to wipe the sweat of my face, not make-up. haha. I am sweat monster, hence why most of essentials are chosen to combat sweat.

What is a summer essential for you?

Minimalism for beginners 2.0

I’m continuing my series on minimalism for beginners. You can read about the first entry HERE. Today, I wanted to continue the topic on clothes and touch on shopping for the season as a new minimalist.

I am a serious lover of fall fashion and I have a second job at the mall so I see clothes everywhere. Clothes I want to buy and wear but I don’t even know if I need. I think that is going to be one of the challenges on this journey to minimalism, wanting things and not getting. AH.

Here are a few tips for how to survive as new minimalist during a change in seasons:

  1. Create a color scheme– I heard about this from a youtuber and I just thought that it sounded really restrictive. But I finally understand what they meant by it. Being a minimalist means living with as little as you possibly can, so the logic behind having a color scheme is that, you will only buy things with those colors. This will stop you from buying a too many clothes.
  2. Select colors that will match with most things– searching through pinterest for minimal style ideas, the majority of pictures you are more than likely to come across are that of clothes that are all white, black or a combination. Most people choose black and white because it is never out of style, it is always on trend, and it just a clean look. I personally I’m not a fan of white clothes, but I do like black and browns etc… So I developed a color scheme around that. My colors are black, grey, tan, dark blue and occasionally white. This does not mean I do not have any other colors in my closet, its just helps me shop little.
  3. Shop through your clothes often– If you are in the beginning stages of a minimalist lifestyle, I assume you still haven’t gotten rid of all your clothes yet. My advice will be to look through your fall and winter clothes first before you go out and purchase new ones.
  4. Shop intentionally– Feeding of my 3rd tip, after you’ve gone through your old clothes and gotten rid of the ones you do not want, make a list of what you need to buy and go to the stores looking for those items only. Also, when picking up clothes, think about the longevity of it, as in quality and usage. Buy something you can wear again next fall and winter and not just something that is trendy only for 2016.
  5. Have fun! I just wanted to add this because the tips I gave appear too serious and I don’t think minimalism should be THAT serious especially if it is what you want.

How are you living simple? let me know