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Life lately: December 2017

What? It is December already? I am not complaining at all. I want 2017 to be over already. I thought 2015 and 2016 were tough but boy was I wrong. haha

The last time I wrote one of these was towards the end of October, so I guess I’m going to chat about life since then.

I’ve been pretty active on this blog but not as much as I wanted to be. I still have many drafts that need to be completed and posted and many ideas that I want to share. I’ve been trying to incorporate other things on this blog but I do not know how people will receive it so I’ve stopped myself. But I’m thinking I’m going to try anyways. I feel like my blog is really scattered and I want it to be really focused so I hope to figure it out before the New Year begins. Leave me feed back? I also need to change my about me and contact section.

Lately, I’ve tasted the bitterness (I use the word bitter a lot here, I’m sorry, I have no other words) of lost opportunities. I’ve always been one of those people that didn’t do this or didn’t do that and I wasn’t going to bend for any reason. But lately, my lack of flexibility have really bit me in the bum and it really sucks. It hurts. I’ve cried. I just really want tell you all to be really open in this life. I’m learning that myself. Seriously, date that guy or girl, move, take that job, go to that show, etc… Really. I’ve missed out on a specific opportunity twice and now its too late, and it my bitter pill to swallow, and it is not going down easy at all. But I’ve learned my lesson.

Speaking of taking chances. I have this big thing I am doing soon and I am scared. But more on that later.

I found out that my health isn’t that great and I have work to do. This is why I hate hospitals because they always give you bad news. haha.

I’ve also been reading about the Exodus of the Israelites. They were so funny. But such a reflection of who we are as believers these days. One day we are all God is good and then 5 minutes later, we complain about not seeing his goodness. I don’t know, but read Exodus in the Bible even if you aren’t a Christian, it is a really good story.

Life lately is me healing or God healing me and just putting all the broken pieces together. I am trusting Him for full and complete healing and I am hopeful it is going to come.

The greatest thing that has happened lately is, I became an aunt again!! With my sister’s permission, I will share a picture soon.

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How has life been lately?

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How to stop waiting for someone to make you happy

I realized after my last relationship that I was one of those people that sit around waiting for someone to make them happy.

I didn’t like discovering this truth about myself.

Although we came into this world alone, we were also created for relationships, but not to be codependent on people. For me, finding happiness outside of my relationships was something I found impossible to do. But I knew I had to change because the truth is, everything in this life is temporary and no one is guaranteed to be around for as long as you’d like them to be. Also, there is no guarantee that we will all find our “person” or soulmate or significant other who is going to come into our lives and brighten it up and bring us happiness. No person holds your happiness or mine.

I’m sharing how I’ve learned or how I am learning to stop waiting for people to make me happy.

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  • Accept your alone-ness- I’m trying to not sound harsh. But if you are single right now, KNOW and ACCEPT and BELIEVE that you are single! You are single. You are alone! Really believe that. Being alone maybe to temporary or permanent, but once you’ve accepted this truth about your situation, you will be inclined to start looking out for yourself and finding happiness for yourself instead of waiting for someone.
  • Engage in what brings you joy- If reading brings you joy, please read all the books. If music brings you joy, sing all the songs and play all the music. Do not waste time doing things that do not make you happy. Do not engage in things you feel blah about. You cannot afford to do that. so don’t.
  • Build relationships- Naturally when people are in romantic relationships , especially ones where they depended on the other person fr happiness, they tend to drift away from their friends and family. This alone time is the perfect opportunity to build relationships you’ve allowed to fall off. I really hope you have good friends and family who will take you back. Rebuilding relationships with people who care about you has a way of reminding you that, you already have enough.
  • Meet new people- Lately, I’ve discovered I really enjoy meeting new people, I’m still really awkward but its really nice to engage with people with no expectations.
  • Be yourself- There is so much joy in being yourself and even having the opportunity to be yourself. You literally do not have to worry about anyone thinking the movies you enjoy are too boring or that your music sucks! This freedom alone is happiness within it self.
  • Take care of yourself- For me, taking care of myself reminds me that I matter, and I deserve to be taken care of. And if no one is going to do it, which no one is obligated to, then I am able to do it myself.

I really just hope that this helps anyone who is waiting for someone to make them happy. I also hope that, happiness finds you. You are so precious and you deserve happiness.


Life Lately: Autumn 2017


I have been wanting to write a post for a while now but I have not been able to bring myself to it. For me, when I step away from something for so long, I usually do not know how to come back to it. But I’m doing it. I am writing again. And I am so glad about it.

Autumn really awakens my soul. So, although I have been MIA all summer, now, feels like a good time to begin writing again. Autumn in a way is my New Year.

Life has been, well you know… you probably don’t know, but I can’t seem to find the words to define how life has been lately. Its been really bitter, but with hints of sweetness.

These past few months were a really bitter season for me. One of the most unimaginable things happened to me and I simply couldn’t take it. I went through a terrible season of depression where I literally felt that there was no reason to live. I was down for months, randomly crying in public places, battling with my weight, and just experiencing really deep sadness. I didn’t think I was going to survive. I do not exaggerate when I tell you this, I had never felt such pain in my entire life.

But rose my friends and family. The sweet. In the midst of this deep sadness, came deep relationships. The sweetest of them all being with my Heavenly Father.

taste and see that the Lord is good

I don’t want to be preachy, but God really showed up in my pain. He didn’t take away the pain or even ease it as quickly as I would have liked, because to be honest, as I write this instant, I feel a ping of it lingering. What God did do, was show up. Be with me. I experienced the companionship of the Holy Spirit and it was so near, so real. I discovered there is evil in the world, but it doesn’t go unseen by our good Father. He is well aware, and His Kingdom will surely come and He would make all things right. So I knew, even if I feel pain, for as long as I live, when I am resurrected and when the Kingdom has come, I will feel that pain no more. So, pain is temporary. This might not sound hopeful because we are mortals and we cannot see the big picture, so we will continue to seek relief from pain, as we should, in the right way. But I just wanted to share this truth that, when the Kingdom of God comes, nothing else would matter, so if you are going through a tough time, rest in that! I also know that this is easier said than done.

Life lately has consisted of a lot of tears and praying. But I am so glad to be blogging again. I have book reviews for you all and so many feels to write about.

for such a time as this

How has life been for you lately?