True Life: I am not enough

True life, everyone that has told me they loved me, left. forget the former things, do not dwell on the past... I am  thinking about the people that have professed their love for me who are no where to be found. I am thinking about how they loved me so much but just not enough. … Continue reading True Life: I am not enough

January 2018 wrap up+Life Lately

this is a long one. I'm having one of those sleepless nights and I figured why not write my last post for January 2018. I really wasn't planning on writing this because I genuinely do not know where January went. People keep complaining about how long January has been and I'm saying to myself, "I … Continue reading January 2018 wrap up+Life Lately

Taking Stock: January 2018

Making :  I haven't made anything recently Cooking : the last thing I cooked was corned beef stew Drinking : wine. Because it is a Monday night and I was really in my feelings today Reading:  Find out on my instagram @yaa_tekyiwaa Wanting: MONEY! I need money. Looking: for a new job. Deciding: nothing at this moment. Wishing: … Continue reading Taking Stock: January 2018