God has forgotten to write my love story

Hi friends,

Lately, I’ve been feeling like God has forgotten to write my love story. I see people, Christians and non alike testifying about how God perfectly wrote their love story and just how happy they are and I am left feeling like, WHAT ABOUT ME?

I’m waiting patiently. I’m avoiding unnecessary and temporary pleasures, I’m working on my RED FLAGS (read more about that HERE) yet, I still feel lonely and sometimes really alone. Am I the only one who feel this way? Like you’ve prayed or still praying, you haven’t settled, your heart is open but nothing is happening?

I start asking myself What is wrong with me? Is God busy with everyone else love story? What about mine, has He forgotten to write my love story? Not only do I start questioning myself and pointing out all my flaws, I throw myself a huge self-pity party and invite fear, despair, hopelessness, and eventually the guest honor CONTROL over my own life. After I cry, I wipe my tears and tell God, if you WON’T, because I know He CAN, but if He WON’T sort out my love life then I’m going to take that task away from Him. He can handle everything else but that. Let me quickly tell you that, it NEVER ends well! hence why I am still single.

So listen friends, the response to the question if God has forgotten to write your love story is a big, I DON’T KNOW.  What I do know is that, God doesn’t forget. He will never forget us. Here is another truth, one I struggle to believe sometimes, God cares deeply about our desires. 

Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

You can rest in that.

It might feel like God is not writing our love story because it doesn’t look like how we expected it to look like. For some of us, we may not know who we want exactly but we kind of have a time we’d like for our love story to begin, and how it should play out. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we do that. That isn’t completely trusting God with our love life.

But here is an idea

What if God is writing a much better and a much bigger love story than we could even expect. And maybe that is why it might be taking a little bit more time, MAYBE He is really shaping us for that epic love story we are going to be staring in.

So for the days where you feel like you handed the pen to God to write your love story and He isn’t. Just keep trusting and keep having faith and know that He is still writing it and has not forgotten any of us.

Just keep working on you and keep asking God to work on your heart. And keep waiting faithfully.

God is faithful!


1: Weekly Confessions

Christian weekly confessionsHere are some weekly truths for all us. Say them out loud or in your heart.

  • God is enough for me
  • I am not afraid to let people in because it is God who protects me
  • I am deeply loved by God
  • “Fear is just a liar running out of breath”
  • I have joy
  • I am not afraid of bad news
  • I trust in God’s infinite wisdom and infinite goodness.

What are some truths you are holding on to this week?

I was inspired by the girls from The Transparency Blog for the post. Do check them out by clicking on the link HERE


Day 6: share something that stood out from your day

A toast to Day 6!!


I had a sort of busy day filled with car issues, family and friends. But I’m going to share my “car-time” talk with you. I be talking to myself sometimes. But listen, if you’ve ever had an issue sorting out the difference between guilt and conviction, here goes . . .

While I was driving around looking for tires for my car, I was thinking about all the other “problems” I had going on. And just how much I needed this tire issue to sort itself out before I lost my mind.

So I’ve been waiting and praying for particular thing and I know the method in which  people have received that thing. I am not sharing exactly what I am talking about because I do not want to come off judgmental.

But I was thinking of getting myself into this thing which I didn’t really feel good about. So as I was thinking about this temptation or sin, I could clearly hear God asking “are you doing this because you do not trust me to fulfill my promises to you, or because you think I need your help?” And I was like wow God, it ain’t even like that fam, I’m just really wanting this thing and you’re kind of taking a long time. But in that moment, I was convicted. I decided I wasn’t going to fall for that temptation.

For me, conviction is when God corrects you about something. But that correction offers grace when we oblige. Conviction brings peace of mind and freedom.

As soon I was convicted. I felt the enemy saying super clearly, “what? you are going to avoid this small temptation, what about all your thousand and one sins? Do you think this little change make a difference to God, he is not even pleased with you because you haven’t fully surrendered and you still sin, this little change doesn’t matter.” The enemy was basically guilting me to run towards this temptation.

Guilt carries with it shame and requires you to hide in anxiousness. 

After this little short experience in my car, I just thought to myself, this is what it means to be convicted and this is what it means to feel guilt. I know they are just words but I just want us to try separate the voice of the enemy and of God. Conviction is from God and guilt is from the enemy. People who belong to God are not meant to feel guilty. There is no shame with God and absolutely no blame. He corrects you to free you. God gives us freedom.

What is something you’ve been convicted about in your walk with Christ?