may joy meet you in the morning

Happy New Month early in the morning, I will celebrate the light, when I stumble in the darkness, I will call Your name by night In my last post I wrote about how tough the last few weeks have been, you can read about it HERE. Usually, I leave it all here and don't come [...]


“no fear can hinder now, the promises You’ve made…”

hello, I haven’t written here in a long while, hope you are doing just fine. As some of you may know I was on holidays in Ghana, and for those who don’t know, that will mean you are just now reading my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been back in the States for less [...]

All for Love

This was written 02/01/2015. last night as I jotted down blog post ideas for February, it being the month that valentines day, the day of love is celebrated, I wanted to share some of my favorite romantic songs, song that may very well be played at my wedding. Hahaha anyways, This afternoon, I felt this [...]