Minimalism for Beginners: Skin Care edition

Minimalism for Beginners: Skin Care edition

I've been attempting to live this minimalist lifestyle and I want to incorporate in every aspect of my life. Today, I'll be sharing how I've minimized my skincare products. I used to be one of those people that purchased every suggested skincare product and I ended up with tons of products. I had so many [...]


Quit shaming people who wear make-up

I wrote this a while ago, but I think it is still relevant.greetings, hope you are well... In the past few weeks I've come across several  pictures circulating around the web of women who basically “transform” between their before make-up picture and after make-up picture. In all honesty, after a little application of any type [...]

True life: I am obsessed with YOUR life

Do you find yourself going to the pages of certain people just to see what is new with them? The people I am talking about are not family and friends. I think you can stalk family and friends. In a way that is the purpose of social media, to catch up with YOUR people near [...]