On Libya

disclaimer: this is response is based on my very limited knowledge about Libya, the slavery crisis, Gaddafi, and the lack of a stable government in Libya. I haven't studied this topic I'm just sharing my opinion. This isn't new There have been talks about Libyans mistreating black Africans for a while now. I first heard [...]


4: An African city and mental health

30 days 30 minutes A few episodes on An African city, (I've talked about it HERE) Nana Yaa, one of the main characters was expressing some feelings about depression because of a dead relationship with her ex. One of her friends suggested she go see a therapist to deal with her depression, which she responded with, [...]

Book Review:UNDER THE UDALA TREES by Chinelo Okparanta

*THE Oprah Winfrey said, you know a book is a good book when the first few sentences captures your attention or something along those lines, so that is how I will begin this book review. Because what Oprah says, is what I will do* First few sentences       Midway between Old Oba-Nnewi Road and [...]

an African city: The Ghanaian identity

One of my all time favorite web series is an African city. This is a story of 5 women who have returned to an African city, Accra, Ghana after living abroad for so many years. The story centers around what they've learned as returnees, how to live a life with new rules while in Ghana. [...]