Taking Stock|August 2018

Making : nothing at the moment. But I have this idea of making scarves (because it is the only thing I an make) and maybe blankets and then donating it to a shelter this winter. Once I decide how it is going to work, I'll share more and maybe you can donate if the spirit moves … Continue reading Taking Stock|August 2018

Minimalism for Beginners: Skin Care edition

I've been attempting to live this minimalist lifestyle and I want to incorporate in every aspect of my life. Today, I'll be sharing how I've minimized my skincare products. I used to be one of those people that purchased every suggested skincare product and I ended up with tons of products. I had so many … Continue reading Minimalism for Beginners: Skin Care edition

Taking Stock: February 2018

Making : nothing at the moment. Cooking : I haven't cooked in a while Drinking : Orange fanta Reading:  Find out on my instagram @yaa_tekyiwaa Wanting: MONEY! I need money. Looking: for a new job. Deciding: all the decisions have been made. Wishing: on a moon Enjoying: this cola gummy bears! they are gold!! I kid you not … Continue reading Taking Stock: February 2018

2018 Word of the Year: HOPE

It amuses me that I'm about to write about hope and I'm not feeling very hopeful at this moment. About 3 hours prior to crossing over to the new year I had this burst of anxiety and I haven't been able to shake it. I'm anxious about 2018  bringing more pain with it. This is … Continue reading 2018 Word of the Year: HOPE