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I hope the month of June brings you unimaginable joy. shereenawrites sunset photo

I’ve been blogging for a while now, even before it became and thing and people started making money from it. I used to love blogs because I got to see glimpses of peoples life no matter where they were in the world, and that is why I started blogging. To tell stories, to write better and to share a bit of my world. I always secretly wish one day, my kids will read it and know a bit more about their mother and maybe find some helpful gems here when my voice irritates them.

After I monetized my blog last year, I felt the need to write about things that will help me gain traffic. I tried to master the things that the gurus were saying worked and followed their schedule and times they posted, and to be frank with you, it sucked and I couldn’t be bothered. So, I stopped writing all together.

But now I am back and I am taking it back to when blogs were simply about sharing. I am writing for people, and for myself and my future kids. I will no longer be writing for numbers and money on this blog.

Moving forward, I will just be writing what I like.

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New About Page Description

Hi, my name is Shereen and welcome to my space. The title of my blog was inspired by one of my favorite books of all time, Steve Bantu Biko’s, I Write What I Like. Steve Biko was known for being bold and courageous and for encouraging people to do the same during the dark days of apartheid, South Africa. This book and Steve Biko’s life has stuck with me for a while and my goal is write boldly and freely and encourage people to do the same. So on this blog, you find four categories:

  1. Lifestyle: Here, I will be sharing what my life looks like. I will be sharing some fun things I make, random thoughts, life updates, stories, and beauty related posts.
  2. True Life: This is where I will share about my struggles, my raw and honest emotions. I share this part of me on my blog to let anyone who happens to read this blog know that, truly they are not alone. My greatest desire is to let me people know, really know, that they are not alone and they are not the only ones struggling through life. Here is where I’ll lay my heart down and share all my feels. It gets deep and intense.
  3. Faith: This is a Christian blog, meaning my faith plays a huge role in how I perceive things and how I write things. Here, I hope God speak to you through my writing. Here, I write for God. God speaks to me in my writing, because my answers always show up in them. I hope my writings does the same for you. I will be sharing confessions and some of my prayers for you.
  4. Books: Books are my escape. They are truly my joy. I don’t read as much anymore, because life. But writing book reviews for you all encourages me to read more books. So you already guessed, this is where I will share my book reviews and any book related topics.

I hope something I write sparks something in you to be bold and free in everything you do. And I wish you the very best in life.


**If you use any of content or pictures, please link it back to this blog. Thank you**

5 Questions Before Your Next Relationship

92fdf65e-259d-4fc7-a7db-43f7ade94c7eHi friends,

With all the #relationship goals going on, I think most of us single people who desire relationship can rush into something we really aren’t ready for and it will definitely ruin us it terms of our time and emotions. Below I’ve listed some questions I think you need to ask yourself before your next relationship, this is my guide as well.

  1. Am I healed from my last relationship? If you’ve never been in a relationship, you can skip this. But for the folks who have, you really need to do a self-assessment and really figure out if you are over the last relationship. Notice, I didn’t say if you are over the person. I think for most people, it is the relationship and its possibilities they hang on to not the person. So you really have to figure out if you are ready to have something completely new that isn’t like your previous relationship, not better than, but just different. Are you over the familiar and are you ready for change? does that make sense?
  2. What am I looking for in a person? When I was younger I didn’t believe in making a check-list of the person I wanted because I felt like I had to follow it to a T but that isn’t what I am saying. What I am saying is that, IF you are looking, you have to know what you are looking for. My pastor always say, you have to have  list of non-negotiable, these are things you will not compromise on, but we need not be strict on EVERYTHING on our list. But we do need a guide, so do write a list of what you want in a person.
  3. What am I looking for in a relationship? Similar to what I said above, list what you want your relationship to look like. If you want a relationship that looks like going to book store on a Saturday to just read, put that down. Trust me, I know a relationship is more than shared hobbies, but I’ve heard it really sustains a relationship. Also, define for yourself what it means to date and be in a relationship and whether you want marriage out of it or not. If you aren’t someone who wants to date for 2 years, definitely list that. That is something that you can compromise on, but make your desires known to at least yourself. That will at least let you know if you are giving up too much and deviating.
  4. Did I grow from my last relationship? I know we all like to blame a failed relationship on the other party because you know? it makes us feel good. BUT, deep down we all know we contributed to things not working out. Some relationships don’t end badly, sometimes it just ends because people didn’t put in effort or distance or whatever. So if distance was the issue, what you can learn from that is that you aren’t equipped to be in a long distance relationship. There is always something to learn about ourselves when a relationship end or even in a relationship.
  5. Am I willing and ready to put effort into finding someone? I don’t believe in relationships just falling in your lap as you sit at home. I know most people talk about “finding” someone when they weren’t looking. I think its sweet and its very true for people but listen, sis, bro, you need to put in the work. If you aren’t up for it, then you just may not be ready to be with someone.

I think answering these questions will definitely be a good deciding factor of whether or not you are ready for something new.

How did you know you were ready for a new relationship? 

Also, I will have a relationship post every Thursday for the next few weeks!!

How to deal with singleness during the holidays

IMG_7362I don’t know about you but I especially feel single during the holidays. I guess it make sense right? because every jewelry commercial, post card and all proposals happen in December and into the New Year. Lets not forget about all the bloggers and youtubers who write and make a 1001 videos about the perfect gift for your significant other. These things alone will make you wish March will roll around already, at least there are no holidays glorifying being in a romantic relationship after March.

The truth is, if you are single, this is your reality and you have to live with it. Holidays may suck especially for some because maybe this year, you will be celebrating alone due to a break up or even death. If this is you, I hope you find comfort and ease this season. For some, you may find relief because you do not have to waste time shopping for a significant other who may not even appreciate it. For you, I’m so glad you’ve found freedom. 

For the people asking “when will it be my turn?” I want to tell you that your question is valid and its okay to grieve over your unfulfilled desires. For you, I hope your person, your perfect person,, comes soon so you can delight in each other.

If this season leaves you feeling unloved, unworthy or of no value because you don’t have your person yet, I just want to tell you that, all those words above that you are speaking over yourself, is FAKE NEWS. You are so loved. So loved and so cared for.

So I have a suggestion on how to deal with the holiday as single person. How about you and I commit to turning those thoughts of loneliness and ache for someone into learning new words and speaking those things over our lives. Words like loved and worthy.

Sometimes tough seasons just seem useless and we just wish hem over, but I really hope you use this time well and that you don’t allow yourself to drown in self pity.

I’ve never really prayed about a blog post before publishing it, but I just had to pray over this post because I feel like some people may really need this. I really pray that you find joy. Deep rooted joy. unmovable and unshakable.

I always want to reiterate that I write for myself too just to remind you that you are not alone. If you want to talk more, I think my email is in my contact or something or DM me on instagram @iwritewhatilikeblog