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How to style medium length hair

Hi friends!

If you’re in part of the world, you’re probably cold and even if you’re not, you’re probably busy with other important things in life and you more than likely don’t have time to deal with your hair.

Today, I’m sharing this really quick hairstyle that took me less than 10 minutes to do.

I used Creme of Nature leave-un conditioner, Pantene curling custard and jojoba oil.

Here, my hair is sectioned in 3 parts in the front and the back is left… Because I eventually just thrown that in a bun.

Then I proceeded to flat twist. I think it will be really cute with braids too, if you can braid. But I was in a hurry and I was ready to play with my braiding skills. Lol

Happy me is the final results. This is going to be my hairstyle for the next week. It works really well as a protective style.

Let me know if you try this hairstyle. I’d love to see it.


Beauty: 3 make-up products for the minimalist


If you’re trying to adopt the minimal lifestyle, take care of your skin, or simply stop buying too many beauty products, I think these 3 products can seriously be all you need for most days. Of course you can glam up for special occasions or whenever you feel like it. For this look, I just used my NYX micro brow pencil, MAYBELLINE lash sensation and of course a lippie, JORDANA liqud lipstick in Cinnamon Toast.

How do you keep your make-up at a minimal?

Where you can find the products:

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 Fluid Ounce
(3 Pack) JORDANA Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color Tiramisu
NYX Micro Brow Pencil-MBP04 Chocolate

The 4c hair or kinky hair drama!

I typically just sit back and watch disagreements come and go about the natural hair community, but the fact that the division is ever growing has prompted me to say something about it!

If you’ve been following me from my early days, I attempted to make this blog heavily about my kinky textured natural hair, from here on I will refer to it as 4c hair as its mostly known for. I stopped blogging about my natural hair because I prefered writing about my faith and other topics. And honestly because I felt no one wanted to read about 4c hair. Bringing me to the reason for this post…

Some of the UK naturals, the 4c hair ladies launched an attack or discussion against the looser curl ladies in the natural hair community a few days ago. I learned of this debate from Abigail Kwakye, a natural hair vlogger and Ghanaian/British singer. I followed the debate on her twitter which landed me on instagram. The 4c hair ladies complaints were about lack of representation of 4c hair and brown ladies at natural hair events. One of the natural hair events coordinator, countered by saying that, 4c hair ladies should BE the representation that they want to see and that some 4c hair ladies are not serious about their blogging and do not work hard enough.

First of all to equate someones work ethics based on their hair and skin color is very silly. And the fact of the matter is, working hard and not getting any recognition for it deters a lot of people from putting in the work. Occasionally, I look up 4c hairstyles on youtube and the views are super low because no one is watching their videos, why put our videos when no one is watching? Even some of the 4c hair ladies are mainly subscribed to the looser curls ladies channels. I’m not saying a 4c hair lady cant learn anything from a looser curls lady, but it doesn’t make sense at times to hold onto everything they say and watch them when their hair texture looks nothing like that of your own.

I do agree to some extent on the whole notion of “being the change…” because if we (4c hair ladies) have the resources and abilities to represent our hair textures then I do think that we should. That said, I will still stand by my initial point and say that it is very hard to represent without support.

I find so crazy that there is a fight about hair textures! understandable, but its crazy! I’ll tell you why, the whole natural hair movement was for black women especially to come into themselves and fight off the European beauty standards, but it seems like everyone missed the point and its all been in vain.

Will we ever overcome?

4c hair natural hair kinky hair

just in case you have no idea what kinky hair looked like!