7 ways to a more simpler life

I am not an expert of simplicity but it is a goal of mine and I am willing to share the things that I know based on my experience. Also these are things that I am working on and haven’t completely mastered. 

  • Learn to say no. saying no sometimes is such a difficult thing for me to do, I don’t think people realize this about me. But I am recovering people pleaser and although hard to do, saying no makes gives me so much relief, then I am able to concentrate on the important things in my life. Well after the guilt past. “ saying “no” does not always show a lack of generosity and saying “yes” is not always a virtue”
  • Have less possessions. I know we are trying to keep up with trends and show instagram that we having more than outfit. But heck, how stressful is it to have a closet full of clothes and still not have anything to wear. I know for me getting rid of most of my clothes made my life so much easier because I only kept things that fit well and i liked. I didn’t keep clothes I had dreams and aspirations of fitting in once I lost weight (okay, I kept 2 or 3, but you catch my drift.) 
  • Fill up your space with things you like. While have less material possessions is ideal, I also think having things you love around helps keep your life light and easy. For me, I love candles, books and bedding, so I don’t mind spending on that
  • Stop trying to fit in. I think no matter how mature or self-love you’ve attained, as humans we have this desire to welcomed. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I think your life will be obnoxiously complicated if you spend more time than necessary trying to fit in. I think being your true self while wanting to be liked is a tension we all deal with it, but I think one desire should supersede the other and I have a feeling you know which one.
  • Assume the best in people. I have to admit I struggle with this the most. But to think how I would move more freely if I just assumed the best in people than the worst. My mind would be at ease, I will develop meaningful relationships and I will sleep better, knowing that no one is against but the enemy himself, you know satan. 
  • Make plans. I don’t know about you, but uncertainties stress me and because life is so full of them, I try my best to plan the things I can plan. Knowing my next move puts me at ease
  • Turn of your phone. I remember one day, someone called me and I answered, the person wasn’t saying anything bad to me but out of nowhere I was lying in fetal position doing the ugly cry. I have no idea why, except I didn’t feel like talking and I felt like I had to answer the phone. I thought it was going to be one of those short conversations just checking on each other. But 10 minutes into the conversation, I was burdened. Moving forward, I’ve decided that I can always call back. And the whole what if it is an emergency nonsense doesn’t fly. Anyone that knows me will be significantly judged if I am the first person they call during an emergency. Call on Jesus and 911, they are far more trustworthy and useful than me.  

Finally, when I talk about living simple on this blog, I am by no means promoting living a mediocre life and taking easy ways outs. I want to encourage a meaningful life where we are not distracted by the wrong things, people and thought processes. I just want to encourage you to eliminate things that bring you stress.

what are some ways you make your life simpler or easier?


3 thoughts on “7 ways to a more simpler life

  1. I totally get what you’re saying about calling someone in an emergency. I was talking to some co-workers the other day and they said they always need to keep their phone nearby in case it’s an emergency… And I said something like if it’s a real emergency, I’m probably not going to be able to help right away.


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