One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain

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Half of 2019 is over. But you already knew this. How are you doing? How about your New Years Resolutions? This year so far has been a blur and I am not happy about it. But (wo)mans can only move forward. Anyways, I have a fun post today. Please write your own and ping me so I can come check it out. Always looking for new music

  • A song from your childhood- Welcome Home and Woyaya by Osibisa. Anytime I listen to that song I am taken back to Tema, Community 8 at my grandparents house.
  • A song that makes you want to dance- Solid as a rock by Sizzla. I don’t dance. I vibe
  • A song that reminds you of your parents- For you by Kenny Lattimore. It was my parents wedding song and I’ve grown to love that song. I’ve performed it at least twice at peoples wedding.
  • A song that calms you down- Dreamer by Isbells
  • A song that is often stuck in your head- Ether by Nas “y’all some well wishers, friendly acting, envy hiding snakes . . . you seem to be only concerned with dissing women, were you abused as a child? scared to smile? they called you ugly?” (this is a diss track, so spare me)
  • A song that reminds you of summer- Sunday morning by Maroon 5
  • A song that reminds you of your first love- I love you Lord
  • A song that makes you hopeful- Dreamer girl by Asa “baby baby, close your eyes, learn to dream, maybe someday, one day…
  • A song by your favorite band- most songs from Hillsong United. gosh the metaphors, I can’t.
  • A song from the soundtrack of your favorite movie- waiting to exhale(shoop shoop) by Whitney Houston. Listen the whole soundtrack from waiting to exhale, its fire.
  • A song that makes you cry- Naima by Angelique Kidjo. Another childhood favorite. It makes me nostalgic over things I haven’t even experienced
  • A song that makes you think about life- Landslide by Dixie Chicks
  • A song that breaks your heart- blackbird by The Beatles
  • A song by an artists whose voice you love- Saving all my love for you by THE Whitney Houston
  • A song that reminds you of yourself- I gotta find peace of mind by Lauryn Hill
  • A song that you love but rarely listen to- water no get enemy by Fela Kuti
  • A song you can listen to all day- Walk by faith by Jeremy Camp. I have loved that song since I was 16 years old.
  • Favorite song- Kiss of life by my queen Sade Adu. “when I was led to you, I knew you were the one for me, I swear the whole word, could feel my heart beat. When I laid eyes on you, ahhhhhh, you wrapped me up in, the color of love.”

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