Life Lately | June 2019

So I know I was meant to be doing a writing challenge, but most of the topics lately are not things I think I can write about. Writing about my culture when I am not vast in it and writing about how it is to blog in Africa will be pretentious since I do not live in Africa.

Life Lately has been a lot of lows

So the last few months have been bloody hard. I’ve felt really alone and misunderstood and there has been a lot of negative self-talk going on. I’ve spent a lot of time on my own and I have been in my own head about everything. Just a bit mentally worn.

Lately, I’ve been thinking we all shouldn’t be so quick to call people friends

We are all so careful about calling people our significant other. Most of us have a vetting process and we are very selective when picking a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it appears that we do put in that same effort when in terms of platonic friendship. I think we need to be slow to to call people our friends, that will help us avoid a lot of hurt. I don’t know, just a thought.

I’ve been so confused lately

I need to make a big decision and I am having the worst time making that decision. I have been praying about it for months and I’ve sought counsel from people I trust but I still don’t know what to do. It is stressing me out.

Life Lately have been trying to lose weight

I have gained so much weight in the last year and I am not feeling so great. It is so hard for me to lose weight, I am doing everything in power but it isn’t working. blah. Pray for me.

My life is a constant battle of trusting God.

I have my health, shelter, food and all my basic needs (Praise be to God). But I have lost so much and a lot of my desires have not come to fruition so I can’t help but wonder where God is in all of this? I am trying really hard to understand how to trust this journey and process God has me on, but I’m finding the trusting bit a bit hard. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking that healing takes forever

I am struggling to heal from certain wounds.

I’ve also been thinking about a reading challenge

In the next 2 years or so, I want to read at least one book from every African country. I am looking forward to it. And of course I will be blogging about it.

That is all, how has life been for you lately. Tell me.

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