Addressing the African Union

Dear Leaders,

2 words:


all your citizens fleeing for greener pastures, because you only care about your positions and titles. Also, your children who watch you sit by and not defend them by allowing foreigners to build poor infrastructures that will eventually kill us. This short note is also from the locals who watch you take your children to international schools, because you yourselves realize that the public education is weak, but instead of fixing it, you ship your kids out of the country. Lastly, from the brothers who have watched their own brothers use them as target practice because you stand by and watch foreigners fund and bring weapons to terrorists. Every blood shed is on your hands.


fun fact: When I was a teenager I wanted to work for the AU then I met a Ghanaian professor who told me the AU is useless and they are just puppets who don’t think for themselves. kinda harsh but eh…

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