Why I started blogging

It was my 2nd year at the University that I discovered blogging. My women and gender studies professor had a blog and part of our weekly assignment was to write something concerning what we were learning in her class for her blog. It wasn’t a discussion class so the opportunity to read everyone’s point of view was so pleasurable for me.

My very first blog was on blogger. I think it was blogspot.com at that time, or still is, I have no idea. It was called “ I write what I like.” I carried that name to tumblr, medium, and eventually WordPress. But when I decided to keep my blog, I realized that Steve Biko’s book, “I write what I like” was what was coming up in the search engines.

I blog because I enjoy writing. I enjoy connecting with people who sometimes have similar and some different views than I do. I write because I don’t have an eloquent speech and my thoughts get jumbled up together and when I have serious meaningful conversation, I almost always cry. It is terrible. Yes I could write in private, but blogging and sharing my thoughts allow me to meet other writers and find out what they are writing about.

Through blogging, I’ve met people I would have never met. My mind has been open to different types of perspectives and I am always learning new things.

I honestly feel like everyone should blog. It is so much fun and I think everyone has something to say and it all deserve to heard.

In honor of this post, I am sharing one of my earliest blog posts. link is below

Here is a story from 2011, titled LET ME TELL YOU A STORY WITHOUT AN ENDING I kept everything the same, there are some grammatical and sentence structure issues but. This is from my 2nd blog. And I’ve had many. I wish I had I kept my very first blog. Anyways enjoy

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