Short Story| Even shorter love story

Let me tell you a story without an ending . . . yet

this could be fiction or a true story….i haven’t decided yet


Lets give the characters names. we have kwame. And efyaa. I shall introduce other characters as they come in

  • Kwame

How we met was nothing special, a mutual friend brought efyaa over to my abode. This mutual friend had told me about her before coming over, but I just didn’t think much of it. So yea, we met at my house

  • Efyaa

I was hanging out with my friend; we didn’t have much to do, so she suggested we visit Kwame, because he is always up to something.  We got to his house, we got the introductions out of the way and I proceeded to just sit there and let kwame and my friend talk. I am naturally quiet and shy and plus I was tired, so at that moment my whole mind set was to leave.

That was the meeting, as Kwame said it was nothing special


  • efyaa:

few hour after meeting him i had a serious crush on him. like i couldn’t believe it, you don’t understand. i dont do one of those, crushes are for kids. i decided i was crushing on him when we went to a house party later that night. the house belonged to one of his freinds and our mutual friend told him we didnt have any plans that night so we were going out with him. he didnt object!…anyways so at this party i spot him talking to some girl, i’m not sure at that point if i knew he had a girlfriend or not. i don’t remember….anyways, my first thought was, “why is he talking to other people and not us…well me”

they danced the night away, got some drinks and had a good time. they danced one time and then shared a danced with a group.He even rubbed her legs.

  • kwame:

i think she was tipsy so i kept looking at her to make sure she was alright, but i think she thought there was more to the looks i was giving her. i think i wanted her to think that.

  • efyaa:

i caught him looking at me a couple of times. he must think i’m cute or is wondering if i’m drunk. i hope he thinks i’m cute, maybe i shouldnt have drank that much.

after the party they all went home in one car. Kwame kissed Efyaa on the forehead, and they made plans to hang out the next day

  • efyaa:

i think i fell in like with him when he kissed my forehead. i was thinking it was the alcohol that got me feeling this way. i never instantly like anyone. especially that strong. it HAD to be the alcohol, all i wanted to do was sleep and wake up and hopefully the feeling will be gone.

the next day

  • efyaa:

i woke up a nervous wreck. i’m not even sure if i slept well. i couldnt believe someone i just met was making me nervous. ugh.

  • kwame:

i’m not sure if i cared whether she would show up or not. and then i saw her text that she was getting ready to come

  • efyaa:

when i got to his place. i got extra shy. i was wondering if he could tell i liked him and how he felt knowing that i like him just after one night together

  • kwame:

this chick looked really nervous, i’m not sure what was going on….oh well. she is here, let me keep her company.

they did the small talk thing, then Kwame showed efyaa pictures of him and his girlfriend and other people in his life. Kwame rubbed her legs AGAIN,..then he proceeded to make rice with sausage. she couldnt believe he was going to eat that. they chit chatted for a while then it was time to go meet friends. it was an alright night, but efyaa was just having a hard time being herself because of all the feelings she was having towards kwame

the next day

  • kwame:

i looked for her when i got to church. i didnt see her, but i’m kind of thankful i didnt because i wouldnt even be able to look at her because, i was sitting with my girlfriends mother…YES!!…i sit with my girl’s mother at church.

  • efyaa:

i wasn’t thinking of him that much at church. i think after the other night i was able to keep my feelings under control because i knew he had someone that he cared about greatly. besides, i was nervous about getting called on in church, the pastor knew i was new so i praying in tongues in my head that the holy spirit will cause this man to forget about me. my prayers were not answered!!

they all went to go eat at this Italian-Ghanaian (odd combo right?) restaurant after church. Kwame was exceptionally quiet. everyone kept asking him what was wrong with him

  • efyaa:

this guy has been talking almost a lot since i met him and now he wants to be quiet. well okay…i asked him if he was alright and he gave me some crap answer about he thinks he got a heart burn.

  • kwame:

i was quiet because, it hit me that she was leaving. i didnt tell her this till later though.

the next day

  • efyaa:

all i wanted to do was see him before i leave. i had my friend drive me over even though she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home. we couldnt reach him for a while and then we finally did. i was so excited!

they went out, had a good time. efyaa and kwame held hands for the first time. it wasn’t anticipated, it wasn’t thought out, it just naturally happened. thats when they realized they liked each other….well efyaa knew but its the moment that Kwame knew also. Kwame was a gentleman and a good man that night, he knew he couldn’t act on his feelings, so even though he wanted to kiss efyaa goodnight and goodbye, he didn’t!! 

  • efyaa:

he told me he loved his girl and can’t do that to her. so he kissed my forehead.

they went their separate ways, as efyaa got ready to board the plane, the tears started flowing uncontrollably. its as if the tears had a mind of its own, as if it could tell that if it didn’t come out in that very moment, Efyaa was just going to drown in the aboundance of  tears that had built up inside. it actually did her a favor by not asking her permission and just flowing, however it didn’t consider how people at the airport might look at Efyaa and wonder what was wrong with her. like the little girl that quietly asked her mother while she pointed at Efyaa “is she okay mommy?”…the mother just looked at Efyaa in pity. Efyaa didn’t care though, she was just missing Kwame and i guess she thought that was the end of them…whatever “them” was. whatever they shared, Efyaa thought it was over. 


once Efyaa got home, they worked on becoming friends although it wasn’t mentioned, they both knew being more than that was beyond them. they knew the only thing left to be was friends.

i think the first time they skyped lasted for 3+ hours

  • efyaa:

I’m not even sure what we talked about that lasted THAT long. wait…I didn’t talk that much, Kwame did all of the talking and i will occasionally jump in with two or three words. i told him i was shy and i don’t talk much. i only speak when spoken to. Kwame on the other hand proceeded to tell me about all the women he had been involved in and how he ended up with the one he was with. i would get a pinch of jealousy when he spoke about those things, but i knew soon we were going to be good friends and i wouldn’t care about his affairs with women of the past or the one he was with. i didn’t pay attention to the jealousy i was feeling, i just listened and responded at the appropriate times

  • kwame:

i have no idea why i opened up to her that easily about my past. i think i just wanted her to know about me, the type of person i was and who i have become.

the weeks following they talked quite a bit on skype and through texts and sometimes phone calls

  • efyaa:

i think Kwame told me he missed me first. i think the first couple of times he told me, i responded and told him i missed him as well. as the week progressed, he finally went into details about his troubled relationship with his girlfriend. i knew he was having issues with the girls father, who was very controlling and made it apparent that he didn’t think Kwame was right for her daughter. I’m going to be honest and say, i was a little giddy on the inside that their relationship wasn’t as solid as it appeared. the moment i felt that, i was overwhelmed with guilt and shame, how dare i feel joy, however slight it is over anothers problem?

i started questioning my character. what kind of person have i become? and the question i avoided asking myself for a long time was, “am i falling for this guy?” i wouldn’t let my mind think about it, let alone, bring myself to answer. from then on, i made it my mission to push him and encourage him to work things out with the girl, well more like tell him to forget the father. i stopped saying “i miss you too” anytime he would tell me he misses me. it hurt because ALL i wanted was to be able to ell him how much i miss him.

you see Kwame and Efyaa underestimated the power of honesty and time shared among two people, they were naive to think the connection they had when they met could just die. they didn’t realize they were feeding it with the time and heart they put into getting to know each other. my God they were so ignorant to fact that, when people get along like they do, they develop feelings for each other, strong feelings.

they were so different yet so alike. for example music. Efyaa loved the rapper Jay Z with ALL her heart, any song with Jay on it was her favorite, she also like maroon 5 and three doors down. where as Kwame was more into conscious music, the likes of India Arie, Nneka, Asa, Lauryn Hill, Lucky Dube etc… nonetheless they both LOVED Ghanaian hi-life music. they would listen together and trade songs, well mostly Kwame will just send Efyaa songs. they both spoke twi and talked about how “local” they both are. Kwame is into fashion and has a particular style about himself where as Efyaa is more of a hippie type of girl, goes with the flow type who is not remotely interested in fashion and style. they both supported the same political party. their conversations were versatile, they could talk about anything and everything from trivial things like hair to important things like God. their conversations were never filtered. they got into arguments too, but those were so senseless and unimportant that talking about it will give it too much importance which it doesnt deserve. i only mention the arguments to let you know that, they weren’t perfect or in fairy tale land.

  • kwame:

i told Efyaa, my uncle was having this huge thanksgiving party and i think she should come. i didn’t want to directly ask her to come and see me, even though that’s what i wanted

  • Efyaa:

i told him i have nothing to do for thanksgiving and besides i wanted to come celebrate my sisters birthday with her. so i was going to come. i didn’t want him to think i was coming just to see him.

after making plans for me to go to his state for the party, we kept talking, getting to know each other. over the course of three months we had such a bond that, i have with literally ONE person, my cousin Abena. one night, i shared a secret with him about my family that not even Abena, my cousin knew. the funny thing is, i trusted him whole heatedly with it. my family is EXTREMELY important to him, but without really saying that, i knew he understood the importance of what i shared with him and how difficult it was.

  • Kwame:

i also shared with her what had been going on with my aunt in as much detail as i could and let her in on what has been going on in my family for years with my parents.

  • Efyaa:

i felt very privileged.

what they shared with each other that day are what people consider their  “families dark secrets” you know those things that are just restricted to people in the family, family members that are close, not even the extended ones have the right to know. that day though, they shared with each other. they realized how close the stories they shared brought them. they went into to a whole discussion with “why does God allows bad things to happen to good people?” they ended up with plenty questions and no answer, they got really quiet for a long while, as if waiting for God to response….

  • Efyaa:

we were on a video call on skype then i saw that he had sent me a message


i typed “i want to be with you”. i don’t know why i said that to her. i meant it but i don’t know what telling her meant. i’m not sure what i was expecting in return. i felt bad because i knew i had a girlfriend that cared about me and loved me and i too care and love her and i wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt her. i didn’t understand why i was feeling this way. i have never felt this way about a girl before since i have been with my girlfriend and trust, many beautiful women have come along, some have offered things that any man my age will accept gladly. not once, did i consider looking at another woman, my girlfriend was enough for me and here i was telling another girl i want to be with her. i didn’t feel good about it, i guess the heart does what it wants, it doesn’t consult with anyone, the heart just acts.

  • Efyaa:

i simply told him not to say that to me. i knew the next thing that’s going to come up was him asking me to tell him how i feel about him. i didn’t want to go there, he had asked me that before and i didn’t answer, and we just ended up not talking to each other for like 2 days or so…that was long for us, because we talked everyday, even if it was just to say HEY….i couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him because i knew he wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility or expectations that will come out of me telling him. frankly i didn’t think i was prepared for it. 

they left that topic alone. they kept talking and getting to know each other. they knew each others favorite foods, what annoyed each other, what made each other happy, what they wanted in the future, they both were in agreement about how money isn’t everything, they both enjoyed volunteering, they both loved CHICK-FIL-A. Efyaa probably liked it more though. they couldn’t wait to see each other in a few weeks for thanksgiving…..

if this was a movie, the song that will be played for this part is Mateo- “get to know me”

this was written in 2011, so obviously there is an ending. Let me know if you are interested. 

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