doing things for free is a luxury

Prompt: Three things you would do for no pay

First, I don’t have the luxury of doing things fo’ free. That is just by the way.

I would take care of old people

I love old people. People in their 70s and on wards. I find them so fascinating. Even the really mean ones. Meeting an old person who loves to talk is the absolute best in my opinion because of all the potential stories I will get to hear. The care I would want to give them is restrictive however. No changing or bathing them. But I would love to keep them company, sing to them, drive them around, make them food and whatever else they need that doesn’t include bodily fluids. I could do that for free.

I would review and edit people’s writings

By now, you should know I love stories. I would review writings fo’ free, only because I get to part of the story. I get to see it unfold, dissected and eventually come together. That will be absolutely fun to do, so I would not mind not being paid for it

I would follow someone around and take candid pictures of them without pay

I didn’t even know that this was something I was interested in till I just typed it. How cool would it be just to follow someone and capture every moment. The good and bad and maybe tell a story out of it. It might be tedious but I think the stories that would come out of it would be totally worth it.


What would you do for no pay?


2 thoughts on “doing things for free is a luxury

  1. Interesting prompt to think about. I’d probably take candid pictures for free. I like to capture people’s natural beauty. I’d probably give advice/play therapist for free. I like helping and encouraging people, so helping people find their purpose would be fun.

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