I am pro-choice abortion, I am also a Christian.

Let me start by defining what pro-choice is and what it is not. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. Pro-choice is giving women the right information, resources, education, and guidance to make their own decision about their own bodies. Pro-choice is information about adoption, contraceptives, financial assistance and security for women following their decisions.

The laws coming out of some of these states criminalizing abortion is so disheartening and scary and I’ll tell you why. Abortion has always been there and will always be there. With these laws back-alley abortions will be birthed and more lives would will be lost. These laws are dangerous because we are legitimizing the male authority over women bodies and spaces. It is mind boggling to me how the Almighty God has given as choice and freedom and we can’t seem to offer it to people.

One arguments by the pro-lifers is that the unborn child can be the one to cure cancer or HIV or do something that will change the world. But what about the black kids getting life and long sentences for the smallest grievances. What about the boys whose life were cut short because someone was anti-black. These boys can be the ones to cure cancer if they faced the appropriate punishment for their crimes not the excessive sentences so people can profit of of them.

One thing I am trying so hard to reconcile is how some of these pro-lifers are also pro-Israel, blue life matters, anti-immigration, anti-gun reform, pro-death penalty and anti-prison reform. How can people love someone they have not seen and hate or have no care for people who are actually alive.

If a friend came to me pregnant and terrified, my first advice would be that she keeps the baby. If the fear is about finance or shame, I would research and make sure that we try and minimize that fear as much as possible. I will not think it is my place to make that person decision for that friend. But I will definitely advice her to keep the child. On the other hand, I used to mentor 5th graders in high-risk neighborhoods, God forbid if a 10 year old came to me telling me they’ve been raped by a brother or cousin, if I am being honest, me telling that little girl to keep that child will absolutely break my heart and will feel absolutely wrong to me.

Pro-choice is also choosing life. If we care about the life of the unborn then we need to create systems and avenues for women to give birth. We need to fight sex trafficking, we need to provide inexpensive and adequate women health systems. We need to care about these women and love of them instead of choosing for them.


How do you feel about all these current abortion laws?

One thought on “I am pro-choice abortion, I am also a Christian.

  1. I’m a man, and I’m disgusted by what I’ve seen lately regarding abortion laws. MEN HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING THESE LAWS! What has absolutely shocked me, though, is a FEMALE governor signing off on them in Alabama. I truly cannot understand that.


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