What Wondrous Love is This

The current church I attend is very big on salvation and around this time of year, we are bombarded with the message of salvation from literally everywhere.

If you are not a Christian or aren’t familiar with Easter, the gist of salvation is that the Almighty God, humbled himself into human form and became son, just to bring us close to Himself, the Father. This might seem a little confusing, but this is part of the trinity, trust me, it confuses most of us to. But back to the point. The Father, gave us, humans, his only son to be the sacrifice that will bear all our sins, making us right with God.

The idea of sacrifice isn’t exclusive to Christianity. In many religion and cultures, when someone does something wrong, it is not unusual that an animal or something is sacrificed, basically the shedding of blood has to occur for there to be an atonement. Writing this I realize how barbaric this sounds in my millennial brain. But that was the way of things and still is for some. But once and for all, Jesus became that sacrifice, that atonement for us, ending the senseless deaths of animals as sacrifice.

Why did we need Jesus to do this?

There is this idea of consequences for mistakes or wrongs committed no matter what you believe in or don’t believe in. If someone does something wrong, we all believe justice need to be served and the offended needs to made right or whole. That’s the same with Christian belief. We believe that we as humans sinned and instead of God punishing us for the wrong, He chose to face the consequences himself out of the love He has for us

“What wondrous love is this…?”

If you’re like me, what a hard a concept to believe right? That a sovereign God will do such a thing for us his for people who have turned their backs on Him. Why couldn’t he just forgive or reset the world to factory settings, you know, new Adam, no sins, is something I’ve wondered about, but I have decided the results would have been in the same. Because we were created to have our own will and make our own decisions. So the cross was the only way.

Sometimes, I think about how familiar I am with this story. That an Almighty God, stepped down into earth and was born a natural way, lived a humble simple life only to die just to bridge the gap between us and Him. My familiarity leads me to forget the significance of it all. I shouldn’t be familiar with this. I shouldn’t be familiar with this love and treat it like I am entitled to it. It isn’t the case here. There is nothing familiar about another taking my place. There is nothing familiar or common about someone dying an embarrassing death for my sake.

“Mine, mine, was the transgression, but thine the deadly pain…”

As we remember Christ journey to the cross this week, for myself and any Christ followers, it is prayer that you live in remembrance and really understand the weight of what all of this mean. Understand the weight of how God saved us.

If you are not a Christian or believe in another religion, I invite you to read any of the gospels, I like John. read it for fun, read it as a story. I am not out here trying to convert anyone, but I think it amazing story about a great man named Jesus, that might simply interest you.

2 thoughts on “What Wondrous Love is This

  1. Thanks for sharing because I feel the same way! It is indeed a very difficult concept to understand. I truly have a difficult time comprehending the magnitude of what Christ did for us on the cross which was the subject of my Easter post I put up yesterday. https://calebbale.com/youll-understand-if-youve-been-abandoned/

    You said your familiarity with it makes you forget its significance. I’m glad that others struggle the same way as me with this around Easter.


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