Life Lately | March 2019

Long time!

It actually hasn’t been a long time for me. I have drafted so many posts and not hit publish, because I haven’t really been feeling good about my writing. I was thinking everything sort of sound the same, and my life isn’t that interesting but I recently revisited a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, that I read last year. The gist of the book was Elizabeth simply telling her readers to create, no matter what, create. So here I am…

Life lately has been a series of ups and downs. Dealing with old wounds and not just covering it with a band-aid, but really facing it head on.

Recently I am learning to set loving boundaries with people that I really love but are sometime not so good for me. They might mean well but sometimes, the well intentions isn’t well for me. I always thought setting boundaries was about distancing myself but for me, I’ve learned is choosing to not take certain things and certain things people say to heart. Essentially, I can brush it off and mean it.

Life lately has been about connecting with women who can speak life into me. I have always wanted a big sister, and I feel like God has blessed me with a couple and I just feel so fortunate. I can totally confide in these ladies and they speak the word of God into my situations and there is something so so special about people wanting to see you happy. Also so thankful for my younger sister, walahi she acts like she is older than me. In the midst of her busy life, she is always calling to make sure I am okay. There was just an influx of women standing by side these past few weeks that brought a lot of ease into very difficult areas.

Life Lately has been about accepting change.

 Queue Dixie Chicks, “Landslide”

I don’t handle change very well. I question it and sometimes cry about it, but I am learning to accept it too. Life can be so someway, for lack of better word, if things remained the same. But change is annoying but necessary

Lately, I have been thinking about obedience and how difficult it is. For me, obeying God is so counter-intuitive and quite uncomfortable but I also know it births closeness and dependency with my Creator which surpasses everything I will ever want.

I feel like God has been extending an invitation for me to trust Him. Sometime last year, when I was dealing with a few things, I kept hearing God say “this is an invitation to trust me.” I wanted to share it but never got to it, I think maybe I wasn’t ready to trust. Beginning of the year, I kept hearing God telling me to trust Him and He isn’t out here trying to embarrass me for following Him and trusting Him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path

Life lately has been about remembering that God’s Kingdom will surely come and really believing it. Its so hard for me to be on social media because there is so much bad news, so many negative things and it wrecks me. And keeping eternity as my focus really helps me.

Tells me how life has been for you lately?

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