True Life: I am not doing 2019 well

The exciting thing about the New Year is the expectancy or reliance on the fresh slate that we all kind of crave. So with that mind, we set all these goals, make all these promises, and then weeks into the New Year we begin to forget them and postpone them to the following month. And then eventually January arrives again.

I feel like I am not doing 2019 well

Yes, I know we are only in February, but the way things start is usually how they finish.

Coming into the new year, my goals were very practical and seem easily attainable and I was sure I was going to be really settling into them quickly and easily. But the weeks have proved otherwise.

I am not blogging as much I want to. I am not writing in my journal as much as I want to. Simply put, I am not doing. I will be the first to tell you that life is more than doing but besides the things I’ve mentioned, I know the type of woman I want to be and I am not actively working on it. There are quite a bit of things I can improve on character wise and there are some habits I’ll love to adopt, but I am not putting in the effort.

At this time, I do not have any long term plans, which is actually scary for me because that is so unlike me. I was that girl that had their life figured out but right now, I am not that girl and as much as I am trying to embrace uncertainties, I also want a plan. I want to find a nice balance where I make the plans but leave room for whatever could happen.

Anyways I haven’t done a “True life” post in a while and I am recovering from a cold, so I thought I’d be productive after trying to sleep this cold off.

How is you 2019 going?

If it is anything like mine, just trust in the new mercies that are promised each morning. Everyday, we get to start afresh, we don’t need to wait for a new month or new year. God is in the now as much as He is in the future.

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