Podcasts that are changing my life

Listening to podcast has become a huge part of my life mainly because of what I do for work. Picking these were so hard as I listen to so many things but I selected these ones because I listen to these more frequently. I didn’t list them in a particular order because I love all these equally. Is that possible? Does it even matter?

  • Super Soul Conversations

My queen, a woman after my sensitive heart, Oprah Winfrey is the host of this podcast. Super Soul Conversation gives you that Sunday vibe that we all love. One that is chill, and soul searching, where we eat our favorite things, watch our favorite things and contemplate the meaning of life. The beauty of this podcast is that Oprah invites a variety of people with different philosophical ideas. She asks them deep questions about life and what is important to them and explores many ways people describe God, the afterlife, the unknown and our purpose for being on this earth. I can’t even begin to point out the conversations that I love, because they’ve all literally wrecked me and really just open my heart to the unknown. If you don’t listen to any of the podcasts I’ve listed, please, please check this one out. Then come back and thank me!


  • Ask NT Wright Anything


This is fairly new podcast but I am already in love. On this podcast, N.T Wright a new testament scholar is asked various questions on a broad topics by the general public about the Christian faith and He answers them according to what He’s studied. This is a good podcast for people into theology but remember theology isn’t always exciting and sometimes overly packed with information so you should probably listen this when you have all the energy in the world. Also NT Wright’s voice can put you to sleep, but he is full of gems and I find myself agreeing with a lot of the things he says.


  • Elevation with Steven Furtick


If Jesus ever needed a hypeman, move over Peter, Pastor Steven Furtick is here to do the job. Pastor Furtick’s enthusiasm for the gospel and the bible is something I think we should all pursue. I think he has one of the best sermon titles and series. Here are some of my favorites: Savage Jesus, Trapped in Nazareth, come through drippin, Let the dirt do its work, and so many more. With sermon title like these who wouldn’t want to listen? I love his preaching especially when I need to be inspired, encouraged or have some truth spoken into me.


  • NPR Hidden Brain


This podcast is bound to give you a 20/20 vision on the world around you. Hidden brain explore many topics and invite experts in that field to chat about it. The topics that really stood out to me that I think you should check out are: The edge of gender; Red brain, Blue brain; and Zip-code Destiny. If you want to learn in great depth about the community around you, please check out this podcast. It’s so educational and I think so necessary.


  • Ologies


For the science nerds and people that love information about uncommon things, THIS is a podcast for you. I am not science nerd, far from it, but I absolutely love this podcast. You’ll find out about things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about. The host explore topics like ants, birds, crow funerals, gut biomes, etc…on a normal day, I would not think of learning about BIRDS, ever. But the host make it so interesting and adds her little comments that always make laugh. This is science made easy for those of us who still don’t know about our own bodies or photosynthesis.


Do you listen to podcasts? Share your favorites with me

12 thoughts on “Podcasts that are changing my life

  1. I don’t really have a favorite podcast because I just started my own podcast and I’m slowly learning how to get the hang of it tbh but I am more interested in listening to
    “NPR Hidden Brain” because I love to educated and I believe based what you described in this post that this podcast would motivate me and help me out alot so thank you for podcasting this


  2. I like Oprah but perhaps not as much as most people. She embraces everything and that may be a beautiful thing or not. I do like that she has Iyanla Vanzant stationed on OWN. Listening to her advice to the lives she fixes has kept me out of a few unhealthy situations.

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    1. Yes I think she gives people the freedom to believe whatever they want. If that’s what you mean by embrace. If she was accepting everything as truth for herself then I think it will not be so beautiful.

      I used to love iyanla and read some of her books. But it’s her show that turned me off. But I still watch because it’s entertaining.


  3. I have quite a lot of Podcasts that I listen to and enjoy 😊.
    1. AskIfyPodcast
    2. Bread And Butter
    3. Agape House Of Worship
    4. Conversations with John and Lisa Bevere
    5. Deeper Fellowship Church Podcast
    6. Dressed For Battle Podcast
    7. Heart of Worship
    8. Jentezen Franklin
    9. Marbie’s Kitchen
    10. Marriage after God
    11. Pray Every Day
    12. Setapartgirl
    13. The Bloom Podcast
    14. The Grace Podcast
    15. The Fierce Marriage Podcast
    16. Your Daily Cup Of Inspiration (Dianna Hobbs)

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