Life Lately + Last post of 2018?

I am not too proud of my blogging this year. I think it was because I took so many long breaks and part of that was because I was busy and partly because I am not really in love with this blog anymore. I have debated about closing it, but then I have so much on here that I hold very close to my heart. But I feel like I have out grown this blog and I really need to let it go. I probably won’t delete the content, maybe password protect it, but will let you guys who want it, have the password and maybe share my more personal posts here. Then just have a fun, new, different blog. I don’t know I am still thinking.

Life lately, I am back on the gram. I am not even going to bother sharing it because, I’ll probably end up deleting it 3 months in so. If I keep it longer, I will definitely share it here.

As the year draws to a conclusion, I’ve been wondering if I should have a word of the year. I’ve done it for the last 2 years and I think it was helpful, but it is so hard to choose a word and I don’t want to deal that. But I like a word of the year because it allows me to live intentionally, well when I remember it. There are a couple of words that I’m trying to decide but we’ll see.

Life lately has been me experimenting with food. I went to this restaurant and they had lobster, shrimp and pork eggroll, listen, it was to die for. I naturally became obsessed with it. But come to find out, the restaurant has taken it off their menu. I am convinced it is because I loved it so much because apparently its been on their menu for years till I started inquiring about it.

All that to say, I tried to make my own without the lobster. I am here to tell you that it was a fail. ugh

shrimp and pork eggrollshrimp and pork eggroll

what happened was, I got wonton wrappers and so everything fell out when I fried it. The filling was so good tho.

In the spirit of simplifying my life, I have decided not to set too many goals. I believe in planning but I know too well how life can turn out in a way that you never imagined it could. So I want leave room for uncertainties but there are definitely things I want to work on that I am praying about.

Life lately has been me going through the motions. There is something about the end of the year that makes me feel very emotional but I also find rest around this time of the year. At the same time, I want it to be January 2nd already. The holiday chaos is not my thing. I’ve tried to make it my thing but, I don’t know. eh…

Thank you guys for reading. For the likes! For the comments! I don’t know if next year is going to be your year but I know that God is infinite and God cares so deeply about you and I pray that both you and I can hold on to that truth no matter what next year looks like. I also hope that it is your year, whatever that means for you.

If I don’t post again…

see you next year friends

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