29 years, 29 lessons

  1. Whether or not you have make up on your face, wash your face before you sleep. The dirt from the day will manifest in forms of pimples in the morning. Trust me
  2. Spend money on skin care
  3. Sometimes what you deserve isn’t what you want. Let me explain, you deserve a healthy relationship but the person you might like cannot give you that. So, although you want this person, you deserve to be with someone who treats your special.
  4. People are really different from me. I think growing up in the suburbs, attending the same church for 8+ years made me kind of sheltered. I also never really went out except with my sister. Getting to know people have really shown me how different I am from others.
  5. Be open to other people
  6. Be true to myself.
  7. Say no. but also, make your yes meaningful. If you agree to go out, then go out and be present in the moment.
  8. 3 cups of coffee will do the job
  9. Listen to podcasts. Listen to other’s stories
  10. If someone doesn’t want you in their life. Let them go, sometimes it is painful. But if someone blatantly show you that you are not valuable to them, let that person go.
  11. Decide what your life should look like. Do not let the world define it for you
  12. God is good
  13. Don’t get attached! loosen your grip on things, people, emotions, literally everything.
  14. Trust your gut. I am capable of making good decisions
  15. Fear is a bitch.
  16. If you know you will be stuck in traffic; leave early, get some snacks and find a really good audio book or podcast
  17. Listening to audio books is considered reading
  18. If you text me something I don’t really care for, I will just respond with “lol”
  19. People who say mean things to you and tell you they are just kidding are not nice. Stay away from them.
  20. Put your phone on do not disturb sometimes and just be with yourself, if there is an emergency the person will call 911.
  21. Take care of yourself. ( I am still working on that bit)
  22. Be patient with your progress
  23. Buy something nice for yourself, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful
  24. Organizing things is therapeutic
  25. Raise your hands during worship.
  26. Stick to hairstyles that work on you that you like
  27. Allow people to be themselves
  28. You are not missing out if your real desire is to stay at home. No FOMO
  29. Always get a frozen margarita when it is available

Tell me, what lessons have you learned this year?

2 thoughts on “29 years, 29 lessons

  1. Happy birthday!. Love this post. No. 19, 24, 26, 13 resonate with me a lot!. No. 7 has hit home real good!. No. 28 is a lesson I’ve learned in more ways than one this year. Still working on myself with regards to No. 27. Thanks for sharing.


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