I am most confident during my period

I didn’t know what to write about today so I went on good ole pinterest to look up some writing prompts. I found one that asked, what makes you the most confident? It dawned me on that I am most confident during my menstrual cycle.

One definition of confidence is: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities

During my period, I feel fearless and bold. I think it is because I am going through THE worst pain and I am bearing it, obviously with the help of ibuprofen. I also get really really tired so I literally do not care about what people think or say about me. Normally, when I say I cannot do something for someone, I feel bad. But when I am on my period and I say no, I feel like I’ve made the best decision and good riddance to anyone who doesn’t agree. When I am on my period, I dress even more comfortably and I do not care how frumpy I might look.

I think during my period, my focus is really on taking care of myself and resting so it automatically makes me feel good. I guess maybe taking care of myself and resting makes me feel confident but I only do that during my period. so my period is not the source of my confidence but my behavior doing that time is. WOW. revelations as I write. I’m here for it. So I can basically feel confident all the time, not just a few days every month.

Tell me, what makes you feel confident?

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