A day in my life

  • I purposely left my phone in the kitchen the night before so I can sleep in properly. When I opened my eyes it was around 10:30 am. Praise hands anyone?!
  • I did morning things and did a Starbucks run. Yes Starbucks takes all my money and I don’t even feel bad because I have very few pleasures in life and this is one of them. Excuse me all you “small cafe” people, excuse me while I sip this basic drink. I  normally get vanilla iced coffee with cream.a day in the life
  • Then your girl got a facial. An at home facial because you have to be chisel in some areas of your life. Ya know?! a day in the life
  • relaxed a bit
  • I wrote a bit in my journal because, emotions! They need to leave my body. lol a day in the life
  • After writing my soul out I relaxed a bit more.
  • I crochet a bit. I did not get that far but here it is… a day in the life
  • Then I went apartment shopping. Honestly it was so overwhelming. I have to make all the decisions. Like how do you find a reasonable priced place, that have all the amenities you want and is safe for a single person? ah. Lord bless me with mo money preasea day in the life
  • Then I came home, ate some popeyes, went for a run, jog, I am sorry walk. I went for a walk and currently binging on Braxton Family Values.
  • and that’s all folks.
  • I have also been thinking about how things change. Like, life is changing so much around me and I feel like I am not keeping up with it well.


Tell me, how was your day?

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