for the person who is too much

Can we create a support group for the people  who are too ________? Does it even have to be support group? Does that mean that something wrong with us? maybe it shouldn’t be  support group but maybe a club. An exclusive club where we meet and be too MUCH together.

I am so tired of expressing myself only to be met with “you are too______.” It always amazes me when people say something or do something just completely jerk-like and when you tell them how jerk-like that behavior was and they tell you that you are just too sensitive or too emotional. girl who feels too much

The truth is, everyone has emotions. Some people are just good at suppressing them and some of us are just like to express them.

If people tell you, you are too something, I am with you. I get it. Continue to feel. Continue to be passionate. Continue to care too much and love too hard. There is nothing wrong with being all these things. I personally think being too anything is special and I know sometimes you feel out of control and people have hurt you because of that but I know there are people who appreciate your too-ness.

I remember a couple of years back, I was literally fighting all my feelings trying not to be too much. It made me feel really uncomfortable and fake but I did feel a sense of protection which I really loved because it meant no one could see how I feel and judge me and hurt me.

But I have to come to accept that part of me. I am too sensitive. I am too emotional. And although it is a struggle it is who I am.

So a toast to everyone who is like me. May you meet the right people where your too much-ness is welcomed. Actually, may we all meet people who also feel too much.


have you been told you are too much of something?

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