Hello October!Blogtober| October goals

3 months till the end of the year! Are you ready? are you prepared? Have you done all the things you wanted to do this year or some at least? If you don’t know, I feel the exact same way. But a toast to October.

October has a special place in my heart. The weather is so perfect and I like all the basic fall things.  I am one of those sweaters, cozy, candles and hot drinks type of girls, who just really really love fall. I think October is fall in all its glory. September is getting over summer and November is welcoming winter, but October, ah glorious October.

This year, I feel this deep connection to October that I have never really felt before. I’ve always liked this time of year but this year, I realized October is all that I have been seeking. I want to have October year round.

October to me means slowness, simplicity, silence and just being. Everything I really love. I don’t have to wait and anticipate the season change to, you know, to enjoy the things I love. So here is to October all year round.

Blogtober and goals

Blogtober is my only goal this month. I am writing everyday in October.


What do you love most about fall?

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