Life Lately: September 2018

Glorious new month

As an Autumn baby, I have been ready for the crisp cool weather, booties, hot drinks, SWEATERS and all the feels! and praise hands for fall TV. who is with me?

So August was such an emotional month for me. I received some really traumatic news. I think I cried for 2 weeks straight. But also, August brought about some new things that I can only discuss when the time is right and when all goes well. Pray with me and for me.

Life lately has been just a little stagnant. I don’t feel any movement. I know I wrote about stillness HERE but I am struggling with it.

Life lately has been revisiting my news resolution. One thing I really wanted to do was be more hopeful and disciplined and I had some tangible goals too. I see that I have fulfilled a few things but not all. I wanted to live a bold life this year and I think I have done some courageous things by my standards, but I know there is more I can put out there and give. I just need to say no to fear even more. Every day!

Life lately has been wondering how I’m going to complete the rest of the year. How to prepare for the future but also be reminded that tomorrow isn’t given. So basically finding the balance between being intentional about my day to day life as well as preparing for the future.

Anyways, that is all. Not much to share but here is a toast to the next 4 months.

  • to living more boldly
  • doing things that make us uncofortable
  • learning to number our days
  • and being hopeful

What are your plans for the next 4 months?

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