My first time at a spa

A few weeks ago my dear friend took me to spa for the very first time and I am here to report that I had a really good time.

I never understood the hype over spas. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea of being pampered. You know how people ask “why?” when bad things happen to them? I ask “why” when good things happen to me. I’ve never been comfortable with just good things happening to me, so pampering myself, is just not my thing. Anyways lets not talk about my deep rooted issues. I’ll just be sharing some photos with you.

Also, it was my first time wearing a bathing suit in over 10 years. What? I was feeling self-conscious about my body but I can’t ignore my body like I do the “bad stuff” so I wore the bathing suit, got a drink and had a good time! okay now the photos.

Have you done anything for the first time this year?

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