Taking Stock|August 2018

Making : nothing at the moment. But I have this idea of making scarves (because it is the only thing I an make) and maybe blankets and then donating it to a shelter this winter. Once I decide how it is going to work, I’ll share more and maybe you can donate if the spirit moves you.

Cooking : sweet corn and broiled chicken

Drinking : too much coffee. I need to cut back on caffine

Reading: Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng

Wanting: MONEY! I need money.

Looking: at my phone right now.

Deciding: I don’t have any major thing to decide on right now

Wishing: On a star?

Enjoying: I can’t say I am enjoying anything at the moment

Waiting: For…my husband. Like where is he? and can he be a healthy enneagram 6 or 9 please?

Liking: No boys, men, uncles, brothers, people’s ugly sons. LOL etc…I am leaving this here forever. It makes me laugh EVERYTIME

Wondering: when is my man who is going to delight in me come? hahahaha.

Loving: Jesus the LIVING Christ. THE living Christ. THE I AM…this is funny to me too, so I feel like I should leave this here forever as well

Listening: Hillsong young and free and Eli A free

Considering: what the next move will be

Buying: nothing at the moment. But I got my eye on this NARS foundation

Watching: mostly youtube these days.

Hoping: in Christ ALONE!! All the time!! EVERYDAY

Cringing: at nothing really

Needing: money! haha. Mah-NEY!!

Questioning: NOT the goodness of God!!

Smelling: this corn I am boiling

Wearing:  a loose pretty blue dress

Noticing: nothing

Thinking: nothing really. My brain is on vacation

Feeling: Loved. Loved by my sweet Jesus

Celebrating: eh. all the celebration have passed.

Pretending: no pretending here. actually I’ve felt a little fake recently because I am doing things I normally wouldn’t do so it feels fake and foreign to me. But I am doing it in obedience to God’s instructions so although I feel pretentious, it doesn’t even matter.

Embracing: this hope!

Do your own Taking Stock post and pinback? I’d like to see what you have been up to.

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