Things that make me happy

Thank God it is Friday!

Who am I? I always thought saying TGIF was so obnoxious but here I am saying it. BUT it is a new day and I am a new creation. Can I get an amen?  haha, but in all seriousness, I am just wired this way. (more about my personality type in future posts) I always think something is missing and so I find it hard to be thankful. But to get on a more healthy side of my personality, I am hoping to share 5 things that made me happy every week.

This seem so forced to me. But this year we are doing things that make us uncomfortable and tackling things that try to limit us head on. I want to be a grateful person. So a toast to the beginning of a grateful journey. Do let me know what made you happy this week?f08a6eaa-7490-403f-ae49-f3c7f357e039

  1. Chick Fil-A hands down has all of heart. I started of the week a bit tired and I just needed to be held. By chick fil-a. obviously. It has definitely become my comfort food and I am so thankful. The yummy goodness of the chicken tenders made me happy this week.
  2. I was dreading going to go buy hair to braid my hair with and I have literally been thinking about it all week. I know #firstworldproblems. But honestly, things like that wear me out. But Praise be to God, my co-worker, just HAPPENED to have the hair I needed. I was so happy about not having to drive to the beautiful supply store. It sort of like God saying, I care about the little things too.


3. I just wanted to show off by battery life with this picture. But WOW! I identified myself with wrong enneagram for 2 whole years. Can I get a “WHAT were you thinking girl?” I think I chose the one I wanted to be not the one I was. But this week, I did some work and with the help of this podcast, actually discovered my type. It is the messy unstable type. hahaha. I can’t wait to share more on that.

4. I received so many reviews from work that didn’t need any fixing. Maybe 2/20 needed to be revised? but I chose to be happy about it. Before, I would focus on the 2, but like I said its a new day and 18>2. another amen?

5 things that made me happy

5. I had this really good drink at Chilli’s restaurant. Wanted another one. But self control, well kinda.

What made you happy this week? what are you thankful for this week?

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