God as PEACE


Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side

In my last post I mentioned the month of July was a really difficult one for me. I went back to really dark time in my life and I was reliving all the hurts, failures and disappointments I had experienced. I was just thinking of how I have always had to literally fight for my joy. Everything in life has been hard for me and the last few weeks the enemy has been really attacking me with things of the past that was meant to destroy me.

I started wondering if the Lord was really on my side.

Fun fact! I lead worship at my church and I can’t begin to tell you how tough it was to sing about the goodness of God when I couldn’t feel it. To sing about His peace when I couldn’t feel it. To sing about the rivers He creates in deserts but I couldn’t see it or believe it.

bear patiently the cross of grief of or pain

In the past, how I coped with pain was to submit to hopelessness and just hang out in the dark and basically let it bury me.

This time around, I knew all this was from the enemy. Praise be to God, I have become aware of how the enemy come after me. So this time, I was going to sing in the dark for as long as it would take. I wasn’t going to stop singing. I was singing things I didn’t really believe but I knew to be the truth so I sang anyways.

You stay true even when the lies come

It is the liar, satan, that tells us we need to be fearful of our future. That we are anxious. but the truth is, none of the things are what we are or identify with. We are dealing with fear and anxiety and with the power that comes in the form of God’s peace, we are overcoming it. Everyday and every hour. I am not minimizing the mental health that is anxiety because trust me, I know the power it can have but God’s peace is more powerful.

and that is what I have found.

My Jehovah Shalom

My heart is still a little achy. I am dealing with the anxiety of what is next, but God’s love covers it all.

all anxiety bows, in the presence of Jesus the keeper of peace.

I don’t know really know how things are going for you and it truly breaks my heart to think that any of you are hurting. But cling on to God for dear life. Force Him to show you his goodness, plead with Him to show himself to You. Pray and cry for that peace until He gives it to you. Sometimes you have to fight for that peace because the enemy is lurking around trying to steal it from you. But I can already tell you that it isn’t going to happen.

If you want to chat, do not hesitate to reach out or if you have any prayer requests, I will love to pray for you.

**songs mentioned**

  • Be still my soul- Selah
  • Peace- Hillsong Young and Free


How do you deal with fear and anxiety? 

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