Rejoice with those who rejoice

It’s ME! Hi Friends,

I don’t know if I shared this in my updated ABOUT section, (have you read it? don’t dull, go read it HERE.) but I really want to make my blog journal style. That’s how blogs used to be like back in the day, where people simply shared their lives and what they were up to. That is the direction I am heading in…long story short, I am sharing something that might be totally irrelevant to you and I wanted to sort of explain why I am sharing this. I have said countless times that, as much as I blog for you, I blog for me, this is a hobby of mine and I take joy in sharing with you all.

So regardless of why you come to this blog, I am so thankful for you and if this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, I will be blogging more frequently and hope you like something you read.

What a really long introduction.

Last week one of the sweetest girl I am so privileged to call a friend got engaged and I couldn’t be happier. I will be interviewing her soon so she can really share about her journey. I cannot wait for you to read all about it. Anyways, we are all so overjoyed and to celebrate her, we went to dinner at a “nice” restaurants. You know those places where the food is just alright but the location and ambiance triple the price of everything? yea those places. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy and stop by soon

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