In the bible, God describes Himself as the I AM, people have interpreted it to mean that God can be whatever we need for Him to be in every season for our lives. What a freaking concept. What a relief? I mean its one hell of good news.


So for me, God IS father

Discovering God as Father was a complete game changer for me.


For so long, I have struggled with (thinking) people not loving me or even liking me. I always thought I wasn’t lovable or likable. I thought at any moment, people were going to walk out of my life and abandon me. This prevented me from getting to know people, because if they left, I wouldn’t feel as bad. I expected people to leave. I couldn’t see why someone will want to be there for me and how they could be there for me. But I learned, truly learned and came to believe I was a child of God and it literally rocked my world.

What God as father means for me is..

Security. I feel secured knowing that God will not leave me. When He was all I had, He WAS all I had. He stuck around in my toughest of days and is still sticking around for the days when I struggle. My security comes from God being sovereign. That the sovereign God has called me to “son ship!” I know He will not abandon me and I can completely trust Him.

 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

Discovering God as my father means that I have someone who wants to listen to all of my mistakes and correct me kindly. Growing up, I hated being corrected. People will say I was stubborn but it really hurt me when I would be corrected. But when God showed Himself as father, He thought me that I can confess and be as whiny as I wanted and cry and complain about the same things over and over again and He will still listen. But He will also discipline, but because He is a good father, I AM CONVINCED He lets us experience the least amount of pains we possibly can from a situation. His correction seem so painful sometimes, but really think about it, that is THE easiest pain and less pain you can deal with. I think that is what God models for our earthly fathers and you can see that. Father’s usually prevent their children from doing certain things. In the moment, the pain from missing out on that party seem so devastating, but wow, what if you were saved from was messing with the wrong crowd and ending up in jail. Missing out doesn’t seem so bad compared to jail right? Only a wise Father can be so kind and loving to prevent this kind of pain from His children.

God as father means close relationship. Don’t get me wrong, God IS  ALMIGHTY. He IS King and we owe Him due reverence. He IS Glory. Nothing truly compares right? But He has allowed us to call Him Father, meaning, He WANTS to have close and deep relationship with us. He wants a closeness with us. I mean how many kings of this world will allow commoners to come close to them? I can’t think of any. Even pastors these days have security and sometimes you have to make an appointment to see them.

God as father means that I am loved. What? me? hot ass mess me? Like He sees every sin in my heart and mind and He loves me? I walk away from Him ALL the time and He is still like nope, you are mine, I am coming after you.

I have called you by name; you are MINE! Isaiah 43:1

I speak this verse over myself ALL the time. I read it just last year and I was SHOOK! like me? but it is the truth!!

What has God been for you or who is God for you? and why? I’ll love to hear from you


4 thoughts on “God as FATHER

  1. I really enjoyed your post. God is so big that He can be exactly what we need at that very moment no matter how many people are calling Him at that moment. For me God has been Friend. I have friends, but He has been my consistent friend who walks with me through everything. Who sees my weaknesses but still loves me and has my back!

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