Day 4: What makes you happy…

Things that make happyimg_0714

I sometimes find it strange how easily happy I can get but also how unimpressed I can be all at the same time. But I have learned that human beings are complex and two different beliefs and traits can exist in one person. All this to say, I am sharing a few things that bring me so much happiness…

  1. Donuts, warm chocolate chip cookies and warm cupcakes. FRIES!! Any of these things can easily lift my spirit and bring sincere happiness to my heart.
  2. Over-sized sweater I love Autumn for this very reason. Over-sized sweaters makes me feel pretty as well as put together. Over-sized sweaters make me feel comfortable and comforted. WOW. All this from a clothing item? yes sis!
  3. Conversations- Not just any type of conversation. Conversations where I leave feeling like I know the person more and deeply. Conversations that make me feel like I have been listened to. Conversations make me happy because it really makes me feel connected to peoples stories and I love hearing about peoples stories. People have so much to share.
  4. Accidental scripture I can relate to. I’m happy when I am reading scripture and I stumble on a verse and I FEEL like it was just for me.
  5. Books. Books make happy. It makes me the happiest!

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