Day 3: What is your relationship status

and how do you feel about itimg_0714

Welcome to day 3 of my writing challenge. I almost didn’t make it today, but lets get on with it. The writing prompt is, what is your relationship status and how do you feel about it?

My relationship status is, SINGLE AF

There are days where I feel really deep loneliness, loneliness only a romantic partner can fulfill. There are days where I wish for experiences that I desperately want to share with a partner. There are days when I really need someone to confide in and simply “sit” with. My singleness sometimes worries me because marriage is a real desire of mine and because of my current relationship status, I can’t see it happening any time soon. Some days, I do look at couples and think, wow, you are so lucky to have found love that loves you back. save your not everything on social media is real comment, I be knowing. Some days, I do wonder if anyone would love me romantically, and choose me to be their life partner.

Most days, I am okay with my relationship status as SINGLE AF. Some days, I am actually happy about it. Some days I am not even aware of it because I am surrounded by people who love me, although they cannot fulfill me on a romantic level, it doesn’t make their love any less fulfilling. Parents love their children and it is a deep love but they cannot occupy the space of a life partner. right? but is doesn’t make their love any less. Some days, I am convinced my singleness is for something greater than me and for those days, I do not crave relationship or marriage. I like those days. I never want to desire something so desperately that it has the ability to make me or break me. Although, I want a romantic relationship with sweet man, I am satisfied with how things are. Loneliness sucks but it is also bearable.

The truth about romantic relationship is that it is joyful and it a good thing but singleness can be those things as well. No ones relationship status is better than the other.

If you have a partner, I hope that person brings you joy and I hope you do the same for that person. I hope that person adds to your life and brings out the best in you. I also pray that your love will last and keep growing stronger. I hope you live a life of adventure, peace and kindness with your partner. Ah, I pray ease for tough days and lots and lots of grace for each other.

For my SINGLE AF peers, who want a relationship, ah I feel you and I am with you. I understand the struggle. But I also understand that God cares about your desires. He will fulfill them according to His will for your life. I pray that you do not take your singleness as this torturous affair you have to endure. But use it in a way that is benefiting to you and the people around you. I am also praying for you to find someone who delights in you the same way you delight in them. I hope that your waiting pays off. I pray that God gives you the strength to keep waiting and not settle for anything that maybe dangerous for you out of desperation.

Finally, no matter who you are. No one can make you whole. That is The Almighty’s job and that is what He does. He alone can satisfy any deep desires of your heart. He is enough.


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