Day 1- What does your ideal day look like?

So, I’m going to have a little bit of free time in the next coming days and so I thought why not write more. I selected these writing prompts from Pinterest randomly and I plan on writing something everyday for the next 7 days.

My ideal day looks like a Saturday. The day after a work week of successful cases  stories.

I’ll wake up around 8:00 am next to the love of my life with the sun shining through my big window. We’ll talk for a while…  Actually, I’m going to write about how my ideal life would look like as single person.

I’ll wake up around 8:00 am with the sun shining through my really big bedroom window. I live in a beach condo or somewhere in the burbs. I’ll get ready to go walk my dog, a beagle, and run around with it for a little while, maybe an hour or so. It will also be a good exercise for me. When I get back I will take time to get ready. Wear my best fitting jeans, cute sweatshirt and a little bit of make-up, nude or red lips. I’ll then head out to my my favorite cafe with my journal, devotional, and bible. Jesus makes everything better in the morning. I’ll get an iced coffee with vanilla and cream and it would be made to perfection. I’ll head back home around 12:00 pm, maybe do a little cleaning and marinating whatever protein I’ll be cooking the following day. I grew up cooking on Sundays so, its kind of a thing now.

My afternoon would look like going to to the beach, probably with my beloved dog. I’ll take some lunch with me and eat sitting in the sand. I will take my new favorite book, sit in the sun and read for a few hours and maybe take a nap out there, assuming where I am is safe. lol. Where I am will be safe. My afternoon will be very low key and relaxing.

My evening will look like having a few friends over for some board games, wine and chicken wings. Yes to chicken wings! We’ll chat about life, laugh about life and encourage one another.

Before the night end and after my company is gone. I will play my records and clean up, maybe dance a little with my dog. I will want to journal how the day went and say a few prayers. Then I will lie down in my bed that I made when I woke up surrounded with a lot of pillows and burn my lavender scented candle as I read a few chapters of my new favorite book.

What does your ideal day look like?

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