5 truths about healing

I’ve been on this healing journey for almost a year now and although I am not a pro yet and haven’t found complete healing yet, I think I’ve learned enough to drop some gems for you all.

If you are seeking healing right now here are five truths I think you ought to keep in mind. These are lessons that I’ve learned that really would have been helpful when I started this journey. I call it a journey because healing is a choice. You make a choice to heal. The phrase time heals all wounds, sounds good, but it isn’t the truth. You have to decide you want healing and you have to be proactive. So here goes the truth…

  1. Realize that you need healing- this is quite obvious, but you will be shocked to find out how many people don’t even realize their need for healing. Before my healing journey, I wasn’t really aware of how broken I was and all these things I needed healing from. Once I realized that, the journey began.
  2. What caused the hurt isn’t really the issue- What I mean by this is, is that sometimes the things that we say hurt us isn’t the true source of our pain. Most times, it is deeper. Sometimes we think that the rejection is what caused the pain, but rejection from an organization, crush, job, family, friends, etc…cannot be what is actually hurting and breaking us. The root is that we already have this believe that we are  unworthy, so when we are rejected, it is just confirmation for us, that we really are unworthy. Does this make sense? That is where the true pain stems from.
  3. Its a hard and painful process- Going back to what I said, time doesn’t heal. You have to put in the work. I remember nights when I thought I was literally going to drown in my tears if I didn’t stop crying. Sometimes I did seek temporary relief from things but the truth is, good things are hard to come by. healing is good and it is hard to come by.
  4. it is a process- you know how it takes single drops of water to fill up a bucket or a lot of steps to get to a destination. That is what healing looks like. It looks like tiny little baby steps and it sometimes looks like you’ll never reach complete healing but when you look back, you see how far you’ve come.
  5. healing will come, it will happen. believe it, speak it over yourself. It is coming. It HAS to right?!

Listen, if you need healing from something, listen, it is coming. Whether it is physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. It is coming. Hear me out, I know there are certain things that seem like you will not heal from but listen (I keep saying this) this world is temporary and that means your pain is temporary. I am not being preachy, just sharing some truth here. Whether I feel it or not, it doesn’t matter. THIS is the truth.

What do you need healing from? share it with me. You can share by contacting me here or dm-ing me on my instagram.

huge disclaimer- I know people have been through and are going through unimaginable things that I will never understand or relate to. Physical diseases, sexual assaults, abuse, spiritual battles, chemical imbalances in the brain, gosh, so much bad and painful things in this world. And these truths I shared are no way meant to be dismissive to your pain. This was just meant to encourage you. 

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