True Life: I am not enough

True life, everyone that has told me they loved me, left.

forget the former things, do not dwell on the past…

I am  thinking about the people that have professed their love for me who are no where to be found. I am thinking about how they loved me so much but just not enough. Not enough to commit to me, not enough to have future with me, not enough to choose me, just not enough . . .

I’m sharing this because I can see how this is hindering me from forming relationships with people.

see, I am doing something new! Do you not see it

I’m sharing this because I now see that I put my worth in the wrong places and in the wrong hands. See, God is healing me, He is showing me that I am worthy, that I enough. He is telling me that I shouldn’t fear relationships, that it doesn’t really matter who loves me enough and who doesn’t. I’m literally speaking these last few sentences over myself, because it is really hard to believe. It is really hard to accept these TRUTHS right now.

I just wanted to share this.

Sometimes we may feel as if we are not enough based on past experiences, but our feelings don’t have the final say. oooo A WORD.

our feelings don’t have the final say

So, a toast to a Monday affirmation: I am enough. A toast to repeating this over and over again until we all believe it! Until it becomes our life song..

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