How to style medium length hair

Hi friends!

If you’re in part of the world, you’re probably cold and even if you’re not, you’re probably busy with other important things in life and you more than likely don’t have time to deal with your hair.

Today, I’m sharing this really quick hairstyle that took me less than 10 minutes to do.

I used Creme of Nature leave-un conditioner, Pantene curling custard and jojoba oil.

Here, my hair is sectioned in 3 parts in the front and the back is left… Because I eventually just thrown that in a bun.

Then I proceeded to flat twist. I think it will be really cute with braids too, if you can braid. But I was in a hurry and I was ready to play with my braiding skills. Lol

Happy me is the final results. This is going to be my hairstyle for the next week. It works really well as a protective style.

Let me know if you try this hairstyle. I’d love to see it.


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