First Impression Review of Creme of Nature Products

img_0032In the last few months I’ve noticed that the Creme of Nature brand has been showing up in the natural hair community quite a bit. I’ve always seen it at my local beauty supply store but I never really paid attention to it, but the argan oil line has been really popular lately so I decided to try it. The common theme is that this line is really moisturizing.

I picked these 2 products up to try out because my hair had been in a protective style for about a month or so and it was need of some kind of moisture.

I shampooed my hair with  product I already had and not the Creme of Nature shampoo just because I don’t really think shampoos make a difference. But that is just me.

I conditioned with the conditioner in the shower and detangled with the leave-conditioner and twisted my hair into two-stranded twists.


I don’t think there was anything extra ordinary about these products. My hair didn’t feel any more moisturized than how it normally feels with other products. I might have to try the ENTIRE line before I see full results, but on this particular occasion, I wasn’t really impressed.

The 7 in 1 leave-in conditioner didn’t do all the 7 things it claims it is supposed to do. For me, it was really good for detangling but I didn’t notice anything else.

Have you tried the Creme of Nature Argan Oil product line?

4 thoughts on “First Impression Review of Creme of Nature Products

  1. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in-conditioner for years and I really do like it for my hair. It does not feel stripped of moisture and I love that I can have the leave-in-conditioner with me all day to spritz in my hair whenever I want!

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