Taking Stock: January 2018

Making :  I haven’t made anything recently

Cooking : the last thing I cooked was corned beef stew

Drinking : wine. Because it is a Monday night and I was really in my feelings today

Reading:  Find out on my instagram @yaa_tekyiwaa

Wanting: MONEY! I need money.

Looking: for a new job.

Deciding: nothing at this moment.

Wishing: a door to open somewhere, anywhere, well a specific place.

Enjoying: Nothing really.

Waiting: for a miracle!

Liking: instagram. I’m really into it these days

Wondering: when is my man who is going to delight in me come? I’m praying about it. Maybe I should write a post about what I looking for in a man so you all can help a sister out?

Loving: The New Year. New beginnings can be scary but the freshness excites me. Its like anything can happen.

Listening: “broken vessels” by Hillsong United. LOVE that song

Considering: ah. nothing really

Buying: I just bought these blanket scarves and I am toasty af.

Watching: New season of The Bachelor has started and I am here for it.

Hoping: in Christ ALONE

Cringing: ….

Needing: money! haha

Questioning: my desires, morals, self…

Smelling: my clothes I just washed… well washed a week ago that I haven’t put away

Wearing: All black everything

Noticing: nothing really. I need to start paying more attention to what is around

Thinking: About my future a lot

Feeling: at ease but also unsettled about a particular situation or several situations.

Celebrating: A blessing on its way.

Pretending: That I don’t want to cry every second I am awake

Embracing: This hope that I am learning to having. It seem forced at times but I think it will become more natural the more I build my relationship with God.

Do your own Taking Stock post and pinback? I’d like to see what you have been up to.

One thought on “Taking Stock: January 2018

  1. Currently watching the Bachelor also! I never seen any of the previous seasons. Just happen to turn on my TV and couldn’t turn the channel now I’m a little obsessed

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