How to become your best self

Happy Saturday,

Hope you’re well. I’m okay. I’m phoneless #firstworldproblems. Hope your day is better than mine. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how we can become our best selves.

I’m a huge proponent of people being themselves and fully embracing who they are “flaws and all.” But the truth is, sometimes parts of who we are, are rubbish and that’s where grace steps in. And this blog post too.

I think being fully yourself and being your best self is being aware of yourself, celebrating the wonderful things about yourself and changing the worst part of yourself. You become your best self by constantly improving yourself.

For me seeing my flaws and trying to stop doing certain things is tedious for me and quite frankly it overwhelms me. So I think becoming more of something you desire is more positive. For example simply deciding to stop being a sucky person is harder than saying, I’m going to be more generous. Right? Being my best self means that I adopt characteristics that I’d love to have more of or even acquire. These are some things I plan on working on or what I want to become in order to become my best self

  • I want to be a more secure person- Sometimes I struggle with insecurities about looks, intelligence and worthiness. I want to reach the point where I can confidently say I am a secure woman.
  • I want to be nurturer- someone whose vibe is WARMNESS. I want to be home to everyone I encounter even if its just for a few seconds
  • I want to more honest and gentle with my honesty- I’m not a liar or anything, but I just could be more honest.
  • Joyful.
  • I want to be Bold

What does becoming the best you look like?

2 thoughts on “How to become your best self

  1. I really love this, and also; you are so pretty !! it’s quite important to love ourselves, not only “finding it okay”. Yes, the journey will be long and tedious, but it will be worth it if you can love yourself a little more than yesterday, in the end.
    it may be from the inside or the outside with surgery or piercings/tattoos/etc.; as long as it’s for you, make you happy, AND is healthy (so no “under the table” proceedures to save money, for exemple.)
    Much love, I wish you the best xx

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