November 2017 goals

Happy glorious month. The month has already been a blessing for my entire family and I cannot thank God enough. He has been so faithful and He is so faithful.

I want to start setting some goals for myself monthly. I’m thinking maybe if I put it out there, then I will do it. But who knows, we will see. Below are my monthly goals


Read 3 books: I have been slacking on my challenge this year. I am so behind, I think about 10 books behind. I want to try and catch up and I only have 2 months to do so. I am currently reading, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism  (find it by clicking on the link) it is so good. I plan to do a book a review when I am through with it. I also need to find 2 more books to read.

Be more active: I currently do not know how that is going to look like but I wish to try and at least get 3 physical activities in every week. Lets see how that goes.

Blog about the hard stuff: Often I want to share so much of my journey but I am always afraid of something that isn’t even tangible. I am afraid to try new things on this blog, because people may not like it. But if I don’t try, how will I know right? so a toast to writing about tough, uncomfortable, different topics

Write down some affirmation: I think its about time I began speaking truth and light into my own life.

Attend every small group meeting: I have small group meeting that meets 3 times every month. But I sometimes  miss it for no good reason. I am committing to attend every single one of them this month.

Budget and save: These are 2 things I should be doing already, especially now that I have this huge life change about to happen in a few short months.

Begin praying for people: So I have been trained to pray for people for the past 6 months. But I haven’t prayed for anyone yet because I feel as though I will say the wrong thing or wont do it well. But praying for people isn’t about me. I need to remember that

Apply to about 50 jobs: I am really trusting God for a new job.


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