4: Taking Stock


Making :  really warm knitted scarves for some of my friends.

Cooking : chicken stew. Its really all I cook these days

Drinking : wine. Because it is a Saturday night and I have absolutely nothing to do

Reading:  Reasons for God by Timothy Keller

Wanting: MONEY! Lets be real (same as 6 months ago)

Looking: for a new job. A better paying job soon (same as 6 months ago)

Deciding: what my next move is (same as 6 months ago. Doing this is really showing me how not much have changed)

Wishing: for rest. I need rest.

Enjoying: my family and friends.

Waiting: for a miracle! (same as 6 months ago)

Liking: snapchat. I’m really into it these days

Wondering: “how long is this going to last?”- this not having enough funds for anything life and feeling lonely ( same answer as 6 months ago)

Loving: the lessons.

Listening: “build my life”- ugh I have forgotten who sang it. I can look it up but I can’t be bothered. I’m sorry it’s late.

Considering: moving out- where is the money tho? ugh (same as 6 months ago)

Buying: I haven’t bought anything in awhile.

Watching: I haven’t been watching much lately. I feel so tired all the time. But I do get in a few youtube videos occassionally

Hoping: for a miracle (same as 6 months ago)

Cringing: at my present state

Needing: money! haha (same answer)

Questioning: my life (same answer as 6 months ago)

Smelling: this head scarf that needs to washed. girl

Wearing: All black everything (OMG same answer as 6 months ago.)

Noticing: nothing really. I feel like I have seen it all

Thinking: ‘How did my life turn out this way?” (same as 6 months ago)

Feeling: unrest or unsettled. not at ease.

Celebrating: A blessing on its way.

Pretending: That I don’t want to cry every second I am awake (same as 6 months ago)

Embracing: life as it is


Do your own Taking Stock post and pinback? I’d like to see what you have been up to.

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