someone to make me happy

I got up extremely early today, did a quick a work out, drank the most amazing cup of coffee I had ever made, showered and got dressed. I looked beautiful, by any and everyone’s standard.

I met a homeless person as I stopped to buy fuel and I gave him some money. He told me that God would bless and that I had really helped him out. He couldn’t stop thanking me. He told me he wished he had the right words and knew enough languages to say thank you. I half smiled and walked on.

Later on, I needed another cup of coffee because I still wasn’t feeling  energized. I drove through Starbucks and placed my order, only to reach the window and find that the person in front of me paid for me.

I went to my dream job. The job I had prayed, cried and toiled for. I absolutely love my job. It brings me so much satisfaction, sometimes I don’t even realize it is time for me to go home and I don’t even dread Mondays.  Really God gave me that job.

After work, one of the ladies I usually pray with called me to tell me how much she appreciate our relationship and it was one of the good things in her life. She told me how much she loved me and then we made plans for dinner the next day at one of my favorite restaurants on EARTH.

I had a good day.

But I didn’t thank God for it. I didn’t see it as a good day. I didn’t really appreciate all that had happened.

….because, here I was waiting for someone to make me happy.


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