Selah 2017: Life Lately


It is nearing 6 months into 2017. Wow!

I thought it would be best if I just reflect on how the year is going in terms of my word of the year, SELAH- pause and praise. You can read all about it HERE.

When I was choosing this word, I wanted something that would reflect how I wanted to live, how I wanted my life to be. A life full of gratitude, smallness, intentionality and simpleness. I’m here to inform you, I have done the exact opposite the last 6 months.

I am covetting more and more things as I have began to actively engage in instagram more, I am doing something everyday of the week, my feelings are out of control, I am spending unnecessarily, I am saying yes to everything, I feel a lot of guilt and anxiety and a lot instability.

I came into this year thinking that having a word instead of a list of goals will make accomplishing it or living it easy. Plus, I didn’t pick a word that would require a lot of me, like ADVENTURE, or so I thought, but SELAH is requiring a lot out of me. Pausing for me has meant unlearning a lot of things, which is ridiculously difficult for me because I’ve been one way for so long. I’m still struggling internally with many things, so to be grateful and having a praiseful posture is hardly coming by. I simply cannot do it. It is so hard for me to find gratitude in my life and it is spilling into to areas I very much cherish. I’m learning that an ungrateful heart ruins good things or things that can potentially be good.

To conclude this post, I have NOT been pausing and most importantly praising. Lets see how the next few months go.

If you made a New Year’s resolutions, how is it going?

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