3: Taking Stock


Making :  A “talk back” journal- a book with scriptures to respond to any nonsense the enemy might whisper in my ear or anything negative I think of myself. I will share more when it is completed

Cooking : I haven’t cooked anything in about 2 weeks now. I am happy about it. 

Drinking : nothing at the moment. I had coke but I know it is really terrible for me but it is so good. I drink it occasionally so, I don’t feel too bad

Reading: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, wait for the book review. It is so good. 

Wanting: MONEY! Lets be real

Looking: for a new job. A better paying job soon (same as 3 months ago)

Deciding: what my next move is (same as 3 months ago. Doing this is really showing me how not mush have changed)

Wishing: for a new grey bag ( OMG same as 3 months ago)

Enjoying: not much lately. I took a hard blow recently and I am just barely keeping my head above water

Waiting: for a miracle!

Liking: nothing much…eh

Wondering: “how long is this going to last?”- this not having enough funds for anything life ( same answer as 3 months ago)

Loving: monkey! So much! (still)

Listening: I haven’t been listening to much music lately. The voices of doubt and disappointments are all that I hear. Or all that I am listening to

Considering: moving out- where is the money tho? ugh (same as 3 months ago)

Buying: I haven’t bought anything in awhile. 

Watching: I haven’t been watching much lately. I feel so tired all the time. But I do get in a few youtube videos occassionally

Hoping: for a miracle (same as 3 months ago)

Cringing: at my present state

Needing: money! haha (same answer)

Questioning: my life (same answer as 3 months ago)

Smelling: amazing Grace, by Philosophy (funny I am wearing that perfume today and it is all up in my nose. the answer didn’t change from the last time I wrote this)

Wearing: All black everything (OMG same answer as 3 months ago.)

Noticing: nothing really. I feel like I have seen it all

Thinking: ‘How did my life turn out this way?”

Feeling: stagnant and lost

Celebrating: My sister graduates from college in 3 days

Pretending: That I don’t want to cry every second I am awake

Embracing: positivity and slowness

I am shocked at how things have been the same the last time I wrote a Taking Stock post. I am low key annoyed seeing how i haven’t been proactive in my life. I guess that is why posts like these are beneficial, it helps you keep track of how the year is going. I am hoping for different responses the next time I do this.

Do your own Taking Stock post and pinback? I’d like to see what you have been up to.

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